It comes from the Latin “prostitutio”, which has the same meaning as the real one and which in turn comes from another Latin term, “prostituere”, which literally means “to exhibit for sale”. It is the fact that the sexual relationship has been activated with a person receiving the service a remuneration. In itself, prostitution could be a crime. However, if it is, the fact of taking advantage directly or indirectly of the prostitution of another.Prostitution is one of the oldest trades that exists in the societies of the world. Today is spoken if should be legalized or not, is also spoken whether it is moral or not and how it influences in this field “professional” in our society and in the economic, moral and human health and the mental health. Prostitution has been qualified as the “oldest” profession in the world”, which has been known since there are historical records, and in all societies. The ancient historians Herodotus and Thucydides document the existence in Babylon of the obligation for all women, at least once in their lives, to visit the sanctuary of Militta (the Greek Aphrodite) to practice sex with a foreigner as a sign of hospitality, a change of a symbolic payment. The biblical story of Judah and Tamar (Genesis, 38) provides a representation of prostitution as practiced in Jewish society. The prostitute exercises her craft by the side of a road, waiting for travelers. She covers her face, marking her as a prostitute available.This “work” is legal in many countries, for example: Sweden, Norway, Iceland (procurement of services is pursued, but not by prostitutes), Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, and Turkey (Turkey, together with Bangladesh and Senegal is a notable exception among Muslim countries).During the years 1876 to 1917, prostitution in Puerto Rico was regulated, there were areas and hospitals dedicated exclusively to sex vendors. In the middle of the 19th century, with the arrival of hygiene regulations, prostitutes registered in the town hall, paid bad government taxes, and twice a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays – they were obliged to undergo medical examinations. The woman whose laboratories reflected a venereal disease had to stay in a hospital institution. The hospital of Old San Juan was located on San Sebastian Street, while in Ponce they were treated at the Tricoche Hospital. These women could only leave their homes after 10:00 at night and during the day their doors and windows had to remain closed. There were many complaints because the prostitutes did not respect the regulations. The so-called red zone in Ponce was located in Vista Alegre and in Old San Juan in Sol, Luna, and Norzagaray streets. Depending on the price were the colors of the houses of prostitution. In Puerto Rico, street prostitution can now be seen, for example, in Santurce Hermanas Dávila, Río Piedras, Condado, Old San Juan, and in the Millions. In Puerto Rico it is not on the street. There are many massage shops and brothels that serve Puerto Rican men and visitors to the island. Now there are still some clubs like El chicote and Divas for the tourist class.The most common form of prostitution is street prostitution that is usually exercised in delimited areas of cities, in the urban area: public squares and central parks, old quarters, or port areas. Sexual contact is made in modest pensions close to the area, in the same parks or in the client’s car.In the types of prostitution we can find: Call-Girls, Accompaniment Service, Transvestites, Massage Rooms, Gigolo, Luxury Hotels, Military, and Sex Tourism.In Puerto Rico there is a law that says: “Any person who sustains, accepts, offers or requests to have sexual relations with another for money or stipend, remuneration or any form of payment, will be sanctioned with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days or penalty off a fine not less than 1,000 dollars nor more than two thousand (2,000) dollars in first conviction, and in subsequent convictions with a fine of not less than two thousand (2,000) dollars nor more than five thousand (5,000) dollars or imprisonment for a term No more than six (6) months.” (Penal Code of PR Article 107-A.- Prostitution, Lexis.) Governor Pedro Roselló closed “The Black Angus” and other brothels.On the other hand, we have the subject of church and prostitution that it is to be expected that a legalization of such a controversial practice would entail as many advantages as disadvantages. The greatest disadvantage will be the opposition of the Church and of the moralist groups. The Church details it as a sin of fornication, which excludes the one who commits it from the kingdom of heaven. However, those who defend legalization often invoke the authority of St. Augustine, which is decided by tolerance to avoid further disturbances. Due to the foregoing, we can conclude that the Church has no found grounds to be against legalization. In addition, the Church must separate from the state when making decisions like these, so that society can discern the laws of morality.We can say that prostitution is a crime, but we also have to see the causes by which people agree to commit this act. According to the studies that have been made throughout history, the main cause for committing this type of act are economic problems; followed by family problems. When “family problems” is mentioned, reference is made to: problems in marriage or being a single mother or father. There is also drug dependence, or induction of drug addiction, coercion, among others. There are those who do it only to live in luxury.It is impressive to see how most of the clients who sell these sites and hire these services are married, whether male or female. In the background are singles, and the minority are searated or divorced. These clients usually have a “medium-low” economic status and those with high economic status are the lowest clients.Regardless of the needs of these people, prostitution is a reality. Proposals have been made to legalize it in Puerto Rico but evidently it has not been achieved. The main factor why this has not been achieved is because the prostitutes do not agree with this proposal. Since they would have to pay taxes and they would have to undergo tests, both anti-drug and health. So prostitution is one of the most difficult problems to fight on the island, and it is an issue that we have to continue living with.

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