It is expected from an employee that they will perform their best and go extra miles in order to excel in their profession. Sometimes in a company, there are employees who do not perform well, according to the level that is expected, which in return causes harm to an organization. Having low performing workers in a company can lower the value of the work which is put out. If the coworker for a flight attendant see a low performing getting away with regular work, they would not feel any incentive in order to try their best to produce any good outcome. On the other side, if the job is being performed well, it will create an environment where everyone is motivated to go the extra mile in order to perform the job well and keep customers satisfied. However, having a temporary low performer does not harm the company permanently, but if along the way their skills are not improved then it becomes detrimental to the organization. It costs an organization to lose a huge chunk of dollars and a bad reputation is marked when performers are acting low and it give a negative aura to the environment. There has been numerous incident in the airline market where employee showed lack of performance which was captured through a cell phone camera, it became hype news in the market and caused bad publicity. High performer can reduce the workload as he/she will take initiative to take over workload which is left from previous one. Having an item which costs cheap with quality is impressive, but when good service is provided with it, then a company grows rapidly and it is rated highly in the market. When a worker joins the company, and leads well in his job, then her/his performance leads the company to the mission or value that the company was founded. Low performer can often leave work for other people to finish or they have done their work so poorly that it has to be redone. It can cause frustration toward employees who are being sincere to their job task. It would be difficult for an employee to feel satisfied when they are always picking up other people work.

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