It is very exceptional in a teacher’s occupation when he comes across a student with a unique talent of intelligence, diligence and wisdom. These qualities are very rare in an individual, and hence it is extremely great conviction that I strongly recommend Anwesh Gundu to your institute. He has always been a convincing person bearing a good personality and deeds and has been popular with the faculty and his peer group. A very reliable worker and highly propels by logic, he is an automatic option for any research assistantships. With a great capacity for augmentation, his unbiased approach is a very big asset in his achievements.My interaction with him as the Head of Computer Science Department, I have taught him LINUX PROGRAMMING in this college for the past 2 years gave me a copious opportunity to gaze at him from close quarters in numerous aspects and his knowledge of the fundamentals and uncomplicated assimilation of concepts accompanied by his conscientious efforts are commendable. Apart from being industrious in his academics, he has shown an impeccable command over a broad range of subjects. His potential to convince people has consistently impressed me. Good communication and organizational abilities boost him to be at the forefront of organizing seminars and group discussion classes.To conclude, a dedicated student and a well-mannered human being, like Anwesh Gundu should deserve all the breaks that life has to offer. He has constantly Kent for good stead in his academic pursuits and as a result stands among the top 5% of students whom I have taught in the recent past, I am privileged and take great pride to recommend him strongly, as he will undoubtedly, prove to be an asset to any institute he chooses to join. I also recommend his case strongly for tuition waiver, research assistantship, teaching assistantship and any other possible form of financial help to aid him in his true quest for knowledge.

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