Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy comes across as a very simple human being. But beneath his simplicity lies the heavy persona of a man who is today one of the most powerful man in the Indian IT circles. The company he set up, along with six other professionals in 1981, became thefirst Indian company to be listed on the U.S. stock exchange. Infosys is an IT consulting and service provider, providing end-to-end solutions for global corporations. Today, Infosys is acknowledged by its clients, its employees, its vendor-partners, and its investors and by society-at-large as a highly respected, dynamic and innovative company. Narayana Moorthy remains an inspiration to youngsters, and his simple living and intellectual thinking instill values and dreams in the minds of many budding entrepreneurs.
Narayana Murthy’s upbringing has been from the best of value systems. Simplicity and humility percolate within him. By his own admission, there are perhaps hundreds and millions of Indians who are smarter than him. He considers himself very lucky. He believes that if one realizes that whatever one has received is an act of God, then it will help in getting better and better. He quotes someone having said, “If God is shy to announce His presence, He comes in the form of Luck.” Not surprising that he leads not too ostentatious a life. He says,”If you lead a simple life, then you are not a victim of wealth. You are on top of it".
Murthy is often described as a man of simple tastes. He does not drive expensive cars and works from early in the morning until late at night, even now. Soft-spoken, Murthy does not possess the air of arrogance that highly successful people often have.He says, “In business management, it is more important to earn respect than to increase profits. I want to stress the nobility of labor”.
Murthy, who picked up ethics in his adolescence, adventure in his youth and business acumen in his later years,

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