It came as
no surprise to me when Vivek approached me to recommend him to Ivey Business
School to pursue his masters. I didn’t have to think twice before recommending
him as I have always seen him as a smart working, disciplined and open-minded
professional. As Vivek’s direct supervisor during his internship, I have seen
him demonstrate excellent quantitative and analytical skills. He chose a topic
on ‘Statistics’ from a pool of topics of different domains. During his term of
four months (Jan 2017-May 2017) under my supervision, he was very keen on
taking leadership roles and new initiatives that could build his interpersonal
skills and hands-on experience in statistics. Not only did he learn the new
topics with technical excellence but he was a great team player and showed a
keen sense of learning from his superiors.

As his
supervisor, I observed that he has the ability to go beyond his capabilities of
understanding any topic and undertaking any extensive research in order to have
a good sense of understanding. I remember him putting in extra hours of work
during his starting days to grasp new concepts. One of his biggest achievement
is that he used ‘Statistical Process Control’ techniques and significantly
improved process capability on many processes running in production.

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He is an
outstanding team player. He had an excellent rapport with his colleagues &
seniors and earned their confidence not only by showing his analytical skills
but also by showing immaculate reverence. Apart from his ability about himself,
he has always been setting an example for his associates and inspiring them in
the right way. He has always updated me on his projects on timely and
professional emails. He valued every team member’s ideas and encouraged debate.

weakness is that he gets very stressed when he misses a deadline and someone else
drops the ball. Although he can work efficiently under pressure, he is too
critical of his work. He attempts to please everyone irrespective of their
designations be it, associates or managers. I suggested him about his weakness
at the start and observed that he did better stress management at the end of
his term.

During his
term, he had been moving towards the goal of enrolling in a Business Analytics
program by building his creative skills, leadership abilities and gaining
experience in analysis of data and statistics. I believe that Vivek will
contribute to your program in a number of ways. Not only is he proficient in
statistics and mathematics but he knows how to work as a team and is able to
communicate in almost any situation. He is a well-rounded professional with a
desire to work for businesses that deal with data and statistics. For these
reasons I highly recommend Vivek Kumar Singh as a candidate for your masters

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