It was 2006 when I heard the term CEO. It was during my 6th grade and I wasn’t sure what it meant,  just knew it as an estimable and influential position in an organization and for women to become one was unprecedented. The very same day Mrs.Indra Nooyi was named as the president and CEO of PepsiCo, it was truly a proud moment for all the women and especially Indian women around the world. That was the first time I had heard about her and she instantly became an inspiration. I remember telling my father I wanted to become a CEO just like her and all he said was to work hard and believe in myself and there is nothing I cannot become. Those words have lingered with me all these years and have encouraged me to pursue management studies which I am incredibly passionate about. My passion for physics and biology led me to choose Biomedical Engineering as my undergraduate major. Having equipped myself with technical knowledge, I wanted to pursue a formal programme in Management. This is when, I decided to opt for education overseas where an international curriculum will provide me the fillip to the best management practices worldwide. The United Kingdom has one of the best educational systems in the world with solid theoretical and practical exposure. Being an analytical thinker, I enjoy finding realistic solutions to the problem which can be furthermore enhanced by Warwick MSc Management program.This program will groom me to be a part of a team and to develop a solution to an actual problem faced by an organization. Moreover, the core modules in the curriculum will help me to understand the management strategies, frameworks, and models which will further groom me to become a responsible leader. Also experiencing a new place and culture during the course of my studies will enhance my career prospects and broaden my intellectual horizon. It will also entitle me to an opportunity to network with Warwick’s alumni and peer-group to bring my skill sets to the next level. Apart from academics I was associated with various NGOs like Edforall, GGB etc. Elected as a Vice-President of Edforall an education based NGO after volunteering for a year, I trained 200 volunteers and made sure there was positive impact in the children’s life. Being a non-profit NGO, we relied heavily on sponsors and organized a number of fundraisers and educational events. Due to lack of healthcare for the children, we collaborated with an eye care hospitals in the area and got 260 students eyes examined and educated them on healthcare. Later, I involved myself with GGB, we worked towards fulfilling UNO’s Sustainable goals. Being the project leader of UN’s education goal, I started a branch of the state government-run program called special training center in Vellore along with a team of 10 volunteers. We provided primary education to the victims of child Labour by designing the curriculum catering to each child’s needs and enrolled them back in schools. Within a year we successfully enrolled 10 children in schools. Communication has always been one of my strong suits, to develop into a better orator I enrolled myself with Global Toastmasters and trained fellow members to improve their communication and leadership skills. Living in Saudi Arabia and India for 16 and 6 years respectively has given me exposure to the different cultural background. This experience has also bolstered my multilingual skills. The global exposure has also given me insights into the business worlds of the two critical economies of Asia. In the future, striving to establish a career in the marketing function. Through my UG degree, I have chosen my electives in management subjects like HRM, project management, marketing, organizational behavior, etc. Post my graduation, I wish to work in a challenging global environment in the aforesaid function and gain sufficient experience. Eventually, I plan on starting my own venture and pursue my dream to become a women entrepreneur, aspiring to become the CEO. I believe a prior work experience will help me gain perspective on the operations, marketing strategies and logistics of an organization. The coursework at Warwick will equip me to sharpen my leadership skills with a global managerial perspective which will enable me to work not only for myself but for the betterment of the society as well.

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