It is undeniable and definitely undoubtedly true that technology has taken us so far in life.It’s proven itself instrumental in breaking boundaries and expanding the reach to as wideas the Globe itself. Want to know more about this very ‘somewhat philosophical, yetinnovative and inspirational’ notion? You’re definitely going to want to give this piece aread!Of course, technology has brought us a lot of innovative instruments over the years — infact, most of them are designed to help us live the simple and convenient life. After all,who wouldn’t want to live the easy life? With that said, from the minds of the awesomelegion of technological superheroes known as Hiraya, comes the instrumental thatpractically lives and breathes innovation at its finest: R-Tap!What is R-Tap?When it comes to water management (which, by the way, is an important thing in life tobe ensured of), R-Tap is the best kind of gadget you’ll need. Not only is it a pinnacle ofwater management technology, you can even think of it like the best thing that’s everbeen introduced to the vast market since the iPhone in 2007.The R-Tap is a state-of-the-art water management system that caters to every man on-the-go. It’s able to monitor the conditions of the water you’re getting and distributes it ona level basis — which in turn is great for all your drinking, showering, and washing needs.Since water is one of the most important factors in life (and no, we’re not being dramatic),clean is definitely the best way to go. Luckily, the minds behind Hiraya present to you thisvery convenient and efficient piece of gadgetry that aims to provide you, your friends, andloved ones the ultimate ‘carefree’ atmosphere in the world — or in this case, the ultimatecarefree experience with water.What Does It Do?This magnificent piece of gadgetry is able to do pretty much anything you need to getdone, that is if you’re needing a fully managed water – on the dot of course. Thankfully,the road to clean and sustainable water is as neat as it can be — literally! Here’s how(and pretty much what the system can do for you):? Sends You NotificationsIt’s one thing to be notified of what has happened, what’s happening, and what canhappen — but to be notified on even the tiniest of changes observed in water?Now, that’s something straight out of a sci-fi comic book!The notifications it can send you can vary – whether it be small changes to thewater like the flow or something a bit more pronounced such as the overall currentand cleanliness of the good old H2O. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be alerted towhat is happening at all times?? Easy to InstallWhen it comes to anything having to do with technology, one thing that’s commonlythought of is that it can take a lot of time to install. Not only will you have to set itup, you’ll also have to calibrate some features here and there to really make surethat everything is dandy. Luckily for R-Tap, it’s as easy as a slice of pie as all you’llneed to do is install it as you would any water management system — with a fewadded technological features to match!? Comes with Energy-Saving CapabilitiesNowadays, energy-saving gadgets are all the rage! Not only do they do wondersfor the environment, they do so with a lot of gusto and convenience. Of course, theR-Tap comes equipped with this very feature itself, which in turn makes sure thatthe system is as good as online as often as you want it to be.? Improves Overall Customer ServiceOf course, there’s always that instance where we wait for the water company torespond to whatever query we might have. Thankfully, R-Tap has your back astheir prompt responses via their notification system and the detailed descriptionsthat come with it can improve the customer service we all know, love, and deserve.What Does It Look Like?Now that you know what it can do (which honestly, should have been in the first coupleof paragraphs before this one), it’s time you take a peek on what’s to come. Think of it asan unboxing of sorts — only instead of a phone or a new game for your console, you getan electronic water management system.First off, it comes enclosed in a durable case that protects the interior of the machine,which is definitely a great factor to consider when you want the best kind of maintenanceavailable. Plus, its logo can be clearly seen on the front. Talk about branding!If there’s anything more important to consider in this particular system, it would be noneother than what’s inside. After all, if there’s anything we’ve learned from the epic spaceopera Star Wars, it’s that if you want to take care of something inside, it’s best to studythe things inside.Inside the R-Tap are two sets of controllers: the main controller and the valve controller.For the main controller, the ‘main’ focus (bad pun definitely not intended) of this specificcontroller is that it monitors some of the most important parts of the system, which includethe pump for filtering and the flowmeter. On the other hand, the valve controller helpsregulate the pressure of the water, which is great if you want to moderate the amount ofwater being filtered at a time.Overall ‘Greatness’ of the R-TapSure, this entire paragraph may seem like it’s about to sound like

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