It was the beginning of the new school year,  and teams were being chosen to play sports for our school. There was a tennis team, a football team and a soccer team. Everyone was asked if they wanted to play and on which team. I told my teacher Mr Roastbeef, “I want to play soccer.” “Are you mad, Miss Jones? Girls don’t play soccer!” he laughed as he smiled “The answer is NO, Miss Jones, and that’s final, don’t ask me again.” He turned to the rest of the class and continued. “OK class any questions.  Alexia Samara, who happened to be the most popular girl in the class, stuck up her hand.Yes Alexia? said Mr Roastbeef. Soccer please, replied Alexia.Did you hear what I just said to Miss Jones? sighed Mr Roastbeef. Ah no  Alexia.Well then, ask her later, yelled Mr Roastbeef I don’t have time to waste. Alexia  has hair that is curly and golden. She wears it in pigtails. She has cute sparkling blue eyes and under those eyes she has a tiny nose that is has with freckles. I would not never see her playing a game like soccer. I look nothing like Alex. I have dirty brown hair, which I pull up into a messy ponytail. and my eyes are Just plain old brown.Mr Roastbeef has a dark black hair and a big, wide nose. He has brown eyes, which looks weird behind his huge, glasses.At lunchtime Alex came running up to me.Kellyyy, what did Mr Roastbeef say about the soccer team? she said . He said that I was mad and that girls don’t play soccer,I mumbled. Oh, we will have to change that then, won’t we Kelly  I was in shock as Alexia left.Friday afternoon is the first game for school sport and for some reason, Alexia and I are both watching the boys play soccer. I don’t know why but I am wearing my soccer boots. Maybe its because I want people to think I am playing, or maybe I am hoping if anyone is injured they might need a replacement. Just at that moment one of the players trips. It must be bad as someone from the sideline runs onto the field and helps carry him off. shouts Mr Roastbeef, but nobody comes. Alexia pushes me forward. I’ll fill in for you, I yell. Come on then, he thunders.It is ten minutes before the end of the game when Mr Roastbeef realises that it’s me he let fill in for his team.Alexia  hasn’t stopped bragging.Finally, I am playing soccer for my school!

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