My initial motivation for traveling to Italy is my mother. Years ago she took a trip with her father to revisit the villages that he had fought for in World War II as a part of the 10th Mountain Division. She is always telling stories about the food, landscape and people that they encountered. The more powerful drive for my desire to tour this country is its beauty and culture. I have always loved the mountains and for this precise reason, Italy appeals strongly to me. Also, Italians have an ancient, deep-rooted culture that fascinates me. Plainly put, I am drawn to Italy through curiosity.
In this fantasy trip of mine, I would want to travel with those dearest to me. For obvious reasons, I would request the company of my mom and grandma, for reminiscent purposes. In order to preserve my own enjoyment, Anna, Eleanor and Sabrinah would be my accomplices in evaluating the beauty of Italian men. Traveling in a pleasant group of six will keep things exciting without feeling burdened by too many people.
Our trip will begin with our flight to Florence, as everyone already has passports and Traveler’s Checks will be secure in our bags. We will depart from DIA at 6:45am, transfer in Atlanta to depart a second time at 1:30pm, and finally arrive in Florence at 2:30pm local time, 10:30pm our time. Now $1,059.00 poorer and very exhausted, we will take a taxi to our hotel, Le Cappellette, where will nap until ready to tackle the streets of Italy. After perusing the shops, we will gladly fall to the customary late and long hour of eating enormous amounts of food. The next two days will be filled with touring museums, browsing galleries and people watching. To pick up the pace, we will blaze down to the political and religious capital, Rome. The train down will cost about $57 per person, our cheapest payment yet since the rooms were $179 a night. I think that the most we will be able to take of this vivacious city is about 2 days. After the cr…

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