There were many reasons why the Italians choose to make the long journey to
America. They faced many hardships in their motherland and decided to travel to the new
world. The Italian's had been having the problem of owning their own land, most
landlords had control of the land. These landlords would charge high rent for the Italians
that lived in his houses. Many Italians had to deal with working for low wages; they were
treated poorly and were paid poorly also. In 1870 to 1900 production of foodstuffs except
for fresh fruit, tomatoes, and vegetables slowed, thus mal nutrition spread throughout
Italy. Also around this time also natural disasters were causing many Italians to Immigrate
To be able to come to America all Italians would need to have money for a boat
ticket. For most people money was a hard thing to come by. The boat captains didn't
allow you to take any luggage on the boat because they were trying to get as many people
on board as possible. All you had when you got on the boat was your clothes you were
wearing and that's about it. Some of the Immigrants brought a few dry goods to eat on the
ride but most only had the clothes on their backs. The boat ride was very packed, the air
was hard to breath it smelled of dirty hay and sewage from the toilets. People were always
getting sick and puking all over the floors because of sea sickness. Most people were put
in the bottom of the boat and barely ever came out till they arrived in America. The
journey took about 8-14 days to complete, this was the longest journeying they would
possible ever make again. People became very ill on this journey due to the living
conditions of the boat and diseases were easily spreading. Many people died because of
their age and they became too ill to survive any longer.
Thefirst thing the Italian people saw on the boat when they arrived to America

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