There are many countries of the world that exist solely for the purpose of living.The people of these countries, cities, and towns may not know the treasures that their beautiful land has to offer.A magnificent example of such a country is Italy. The country of Italy is situated in Europe and attached in the north to the European mainland. To the north are the beautiful mountain ranges of the Alps. These mountains separate Italy from France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.This country has four main regions, Northern Italy, Central Italy, Southern Italy, and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.Italy has much to offer the common tourist.Some of the most frequently visited cities include: Turin, Milan, Genoa, and Venice in northern Italy, Florence, Pisa, and Rome which are located in central Italy, Naples, Bari, Potenza and Catanzaro in Southern Italy, and the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia.
Starting in Northern Italy is the city of Turin. This is the largest city in the region and the fourth largest in the country. For thefirst few decades of this century, it was the automobile capital of the world. It was here that the modernist people became so excited with the potential of a transport that they declared Time dead – hence, they naively declared, everything would be measured in terms of speed alone. The city remains the focus of Italy’s automobile industry. Fiat offer guided tours of their headquarters, where a full-scale test track may be found on the roof. Turin does add up to far more than simply an industrial city with motor cars. The inhabitants boast that, with its “broad, tree-lined avenues flanked by tall, handsome townhouses, it is La Parigi d’Italia, the Italian Paris.” Uptown, Turin is centered on the main shopping street, Via Roma, which links the city’s favorite square, the Piazza San Carlo.With its most dramatic building, the baroque Palazzo Madama, which houses the Museum of Ancient Art, one of several…

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