Italy: A Place of Romance
Picture this: You and someone you love sitting on a balcony with a view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, sipping fine wine and watching all the beautiful lights of the city.Some people could never imagine themselves in Italy. Rumors of the mafia, and no drinking age discourage many tourists from making the trip. Although some people may not consider Italy to be a romantic country it is actually rich in culture. A Worthwhile trip is what it will be once they've done their research.With Italy's firm roots and beautiful exterior comes one of the most refined cultures in the world.
The approximate time travel to Italy is eight hours. (World Time Zone)
If you've ever traveled eight hours in a plane, you'd know that it's not fun, and once you arrive you'll havedifficulty adjusting to the time zone.However the friendly nature of the Italian people should have you feeling at home in almost no time. The people of Italy are generally opened minded, and usually enjoy tourists, if not at least find them amusing. So there should be no worry.
Rome: Not only the capital of Italy, but also home of the most beautiful sites in the world. "For centuries, Rome has been called the Eternal City, a title earned through its importance as one of the great cities of Western civilization, as the capital of the Roman Empire, and as the world center of the Roman Catholic Church." (Microsoft Encarta) It's home to the almost perfectly preserved Pantheon, the crumbling yet beautiful Colosseum, and the Piazza de Spagna which was nicknamed "the Spanish Steps.Not to forget the very famous Trevi Fountain which has been a setting for many Hollywood movies over the years. Rome is also known as the most urban city in Italy.
Venice: Known to be one of the most romantic places on Earth, when it's not sinking. Flooding is one of Ven

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