Japan is not our friend; they tried to sink us economically.
Germany is not our friend; they wanted global domination.
France is not our friend; they harbor terrorists.
Israel is not our friend; they hold us over everyone’s head as a big club.
The United States was founded by a bunch of people who did not think like, act like, or do like the nations that they were forced to leave. Many after this decided on a do-or-die crap shoot because they had nothing to lose. They founded and forged a sovereignty based on absolute and just morals.
Hard-working Americans were kind to each other, lived in nice neighborhoods and tried as best they could to look out for the families and their neighbors. This was a golden time to be a child because you knew that you could just go and play, someone would yell from the porch and then there was food on a plate for you. There were ugly things that happened in the world, but the family unit protected you. Those things didn’t happen to you.
There was a “world war” (sorry can’t capitalize, you will understand later). Reluctant warriors from the U.S. went abroad and fought an unknown enemy in conditions that cannot be fathomed by a rational mind. In a moment in time’s existence it was over. The Americans returned home to a hero’s welcome. They returned to life and provided for their families.
War proved expensive and a global depression hit. As the world dug itself out of a hole and began to prosper, greed took hold again. Europe’s classic battle was beginning to unfold yet again. It will never be known the complicities that occurred during this world war. But rumors and innuendo shed a murky light on the back story to this war. This deal was made and broken. That deal may have occurred or been fiction. A true world war, and a two-front war against formidable powers. Homer would have been so lucky to dream such a story (Historian, not cartoon figure). Again, the unimaginable is real.

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