SPORTS Japan has many sports. Some are like ours and some are not. Some Japanese practice martial arts. A few practice Aikido. Aikido is a practice of smooth movements. Aikido is practiced to clear your mind. Judo and Karate are practiced mainly for self defense. They require fast sharp movements. Other sports include baseball, basketball, golf and skiing. SCHOOLS Japan’s schools are like any other school you would see here in the U.S.A. There is only one difference. They speak Japanese. In Japan, students go to year round school. Year round school is where they go the school all year long. Japanese kids, as you can imagine are probably smarter than us. JAPANESE POETRY Japan has given the world many beautiful things. Their culture., traditions and influence have touched nearly every aspect of our lives. The most admired, however, must be in their art, whether it is paintings, architecture, theaters, gardens or poetry. For hundreds of years, Japanese poets have written a special form of poetry called “Haiku”. A Haiku is a short verse about nature. There is always a special pattern in the number of verses. Thefirst line contains five syllables, the second line contains three syllables and the third line has five. JAPANESE GOVERNMENT Japan has a government just like ours. In Japan cities are like states. There is an Emperor and there is a governor. The cities vote for the government. The diet makes Japan’s laws. The diet consists of the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors. The House of Councillors is made up of five hundred and eleven members. The House of Counselors is made up of two hundred and fifty two member. Japan’s highest court is the Supreme Court. There is a Chief of Justice who the emperor appoints. Then there are the fourteen other judges who the cabinet votes in. Japan’s Armed Forces fight only if attackedfirst. They maintain air to surface communication for self defense. They also maintain a n

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