The Japanese legal system: An overview of a Unique System
According to Shinto legend two gods, Izanagi and Izanami, which were brother and sister, dipped a spear into the ocean and drops from the spear formed the island of Onokorojima. Izanagi and Izanami then fell to earth and married. Izanami then gave birth to the islands of Japan and a couple more gods. Jimmu Tenno thefirst emperor of Japan was given the right to rule by his grandfather, Ninigi, son of the fire God, Amaterasu. Japanese claim they can trace the imperial genealogy all the way to Jimmu Tenno and the gods. Many Americans would believe this to be nonsense or myth. This idea means as much to the Japanese who practice Shinto as the idea of Jesus Christ does too many Christians. The Japanese have a very long history and culture that coincides with that lengthy history. The mere fact that the Japanese culture and history is much different than Americans is not sufficient reason to consider them illegitimate. The legal system of Japan is also very legitimate considering the history of the Japanese government and its changes since the 1600's. The law in Japan completes it's objective through the values that the Japanese have learned throughout their long history. Keeping this in mind, I will consider Japanese law and it's history, its source of justification, governmental institutions involved, its players, and how the public perceives the law in Japan.
The Japanese are very different from Americans, and many wonder why and how? Culture is the answer that is most commonly used. The legal system in Japan cannot be looked at without taking into consideration its people and culture. The Japanese have a very distinct culture. The Japanese have a "group culture", and the influence of family, friends, neighbors, and fellow employees act as powerful constraints on individual behavior. This influence is a byproduct of Confucianism. Loyalty to the stat…

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