JD sports sell a wide range of products for males, females
and children. They Trainers, tracksuits, sportswear, accessories (bags, hats, scarfs,
gloves), winter wear, jeans and a range of different sport accessories, such as
football boots and shirts. They also sell equipment and accessories for a lots
of other sports such as UFC, NFL, Tennis, rugby1,
boxing etc. JD sports also sell sports technology such as heart rate monitors,
sport watches and various training equipment.




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2ITunes Products:

ITunes offers a range of music, movies and TV shows. There
are 40 million songs to choose from with no ads, ITunes
also allows you to Download albums and tracks
to listen to offline As well as this, you can purchase gift cards, ITunes
subscriptions, even apple TV. The website also provides support and tutorials
on how to use their products and services. To purchase these products and
services you will have to enter your Apple ID and password. ITunes also allows
a 3 month free subscription which you will have all access to all of the
features that ITunes includes. If the subscription is not cancelled it will
automatically renew your membership.   









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JD Sports –
Delivery & tracking online, getting the product to the customer.

3On the JD
website you can enter your order number and email to track your purchase, it
tells you where it is and when it will arrive.

When you add a product to the basket on the website it will
show the total price and ask what quantity of the product you want, it also asks
you to enter a discount code if you have one. After this it will ask you to
select your location and select what type of delivery you want, the types of
deliveries are: standard, next day click and collect, standard click and
collect, standard delivery, premium next day, and next day evening. All of
these range in prices from free to £5.99, these different delivery options
allow you to choose how fast or when you want your product to be delivered, for
example standard delivery is making you receive your product within 2-3 days.  Finally it will ask you to enter your delivery
information which consists of your name, email and address, along with your
payment option details.

Once the order has been processed it will give you an option
to enter your delivery code (which you will receive on your email) which will
allow you to track where your order is, this will tell you what stage of
delivery it is in and when it is expected to arrive.






ITunes – Delivery
& tracking online.

4To download songs on ITunes you need
to enter your Apple ID and password, once you have done this it will download
your product to your device, then it will be ready for use. If there are
problems with your downloads then there is support chat or phone line which you
Can use to try and resolve the issue. If the problems are not solved you will
revive a full refund. When delivering purchases such as headphones or speakers,
it allows you to track your items which tells you when it will arrive.




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JD Sports –

5JD sports
use social media to promote new products, contact their existing customers and attract
new ones. They use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (Facebook having 1,135,821
likes, twitter having around 700,000 follower’s and Instagram having 855,000
followers) their social media also allows them to collect helpful data to help
improve their services and products. They
promote products by posting pictures on social media of specific products and
posting the link to it. As well as
this they post tutorials on how to take care of the things you buy from them,
for example they show how to use a product called  ‘crept protect’ which cleans shoes. They also
use promo codes which let customers have a certain amount off products for a
limited time, such as 15% off their next purchase. They use these to drive traffic
to their website to make people aware that the deals are happening and increase
the amount of people buying products from their website.









social Media

created a social media called PING which was a Music based platform. It was
launched September 1st 2001 and gathered 1 million members in 23
countries.  The social media allowed members to see
and follow their favourite artists and friends. It was accessible through
iTunes on IPad, IPhone, IPod and mac. Apple
officially shut down the service on September 30th, 2012, and instead
integrated iTunes into Facebook and twitter. There were many issues with this
idea, one problem was that there was a lot of people reporting spam within 24
hours of lunch. The spam mostly included links to ‘free phones’ or ‘free IPads’
in exchange for filling out a survey. Another issue was limited access. The
social media platform was initially available in 23 countries, all of which had
full access to ITunes, but countries such as Chile,
the Czech Republic, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania and India couldn’t access Ping.














ITunes –
getting the product to the customer

you make a purchase in the iTunes Store, your account is billed at the time of
or shortly after your transaction, it will ask for Apple ID and your password, Once you have done this it will
download your product to your device, then it will be ready for use.












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How do they advertise and market online

JD Sports –
advertising and marketing online

sports use various social media platforms to advertise and market their
products online. One way they advertise online is by using Instagram, Facebook
and twitter. Their pictures act as sponsored posts on people’s feeds, they
showcase their newest and most popular products in an attempt to gain
customers. Another way they advertise is by launching social media campaigns,
such as promoting new street wear, like Adidas, Nike and North face clothing.








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How do they offer customer service online?

JD Sports –
customer service online

On the JD sports website they offer help 24/7. You can get
customer service concerning order and delivery, returns and product and stock.
There is also an FAQ page and lots of different options, such as online chat,
twitter, email and a phone number to the customer support team. On the FAQ page
it has a wide range of questions which has a detailed explanation to the
problem. If the customer wants to contact customer support via email you have
to enter your name, email, subject and description, order number and product number,
then you can talk to a customer support person.
























ITunes – How do they offer customer service online?


9On the ITunes website there is a tab
for support and customer service. On the tab there is a selection of different
pages for different problems, for example there a tab for iPhone, iMac, iCloud,
ITunes. On the ITunes tab there is a section called ‘latest discussions’ which
is about the most recent problems people are having, and there is a section
where you can start a discussion or ask an apple employee a question. In the
latest discussions you can also reply to a problem is you know the solution.

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