Jericho, The City of The Holy Land, and a beautiful oasis for
many. A place that creates a historical curiosity felt by many archeologists
around the world. An astonishing place where geography and history meet
creating a story like no other. I’ve decided to write about Jericho
because  it’s the oldest of the three
civilizations we were able to write about. The artifacts I will be discussing
is “The Old Wall”, Jericho’s Involvement in the bible, Lack of recorded
documents, Plastered Human Skulls.

Research done by Archaeologist Kathleen M. Kenyon (well-known
British archaeologist who studied Jericho from 1952-1956) shows that the
wall of Jericho was a made in the Pre-Pottery Era which just means “Before
Pottery”. The wall was made entirely from mud built with the purpose of
protecting the city from invaders and serving a flood precaution. The wall
dates to 8000 BCE which makes it the oldest wall discovered by any
Archaeologist in the world. The wall is located on a lard mound known as “Tell
Es-Sulton” Which loosely translates to Sultan’s Hill.

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The wall was mostly discussed in the bible. The book of
Joshua talks about the Battle of Jericho. The battle of Jericho was the first
for the Israelites in their conquest for Canaan. In the bible: Joshua 6:1-27,
The walls of Jericho Fell after in a very strategic move where Joshua’s Army
walked around the city until it was time to blow their trumpets sounding that it’s
time for the wall to fall. Excavations have no evidence of this event which
leaves scholars skeptical to whether this holds any historical value.

Jericho doesn’t seem to hold much if any record of its
history. Most is guessed through archaeological finds and passages that lie
within the bible. Different researchers have different opinions but regardless,
most aren’t proven. I personally believe this is due to that for centuries archaeologists
and researchers have gone to Jericho’s either to prove the bible right or
wrong. The reason I say this is because the one Researcher who didn’t

One finds that gives researchers a large of amount of
evidence to life in Jericho is the Plastered Human Skulls found on Tell Sites.
A “Tell Site” is a mound that is made by people repeatedly build on the same
spot. Jericho is one of the Early Permanently settled civilizations in the
world so it’s not surprising that so many of these were found. The inhabitants
of Jericho Didn’t have cemeteries to dispose of the dead so they buried them in
the floors of where they lived. Sometimes laid on top of each other in pits.
When Kenyon found these bodies, they were usually missing the skills which lead
to another find. Most of these Skulls were found with plastered Death masks
that Mimicked the dead individuals face. These skulls were very detailing,
using shells for eyes with hair painted on. Although there is no evidence to
back this, a common guess for the reasoning behind the skulls is that it was
done to show ownership of land. Basically, proving how long the family and
ancestors had been there. If this is true, Plastered skulls would be evidence
of an economy in Jericho, because the skulls would have been an investment.

To Conclude, I’ve discussed the “Old Wall” and how it was
used to protect the city from invaders and the elements. I then continue to
relate the wall to the bible and talk on how the two correlates. When
researching I didn’t find much but the one find that could possibly be the most
factual was the plastered human skulls and learning about how these human
skulls was more than just a burial technique; It was a way to claim land. Through
My research I’ve found that Jericho is still a very mysterious place with a lot
of Tales that deserves a call for further research. I’d also like to bring
attention to the dead sea which surround Jericho’s. I think the two places are
very unexplainable and maybe together both sides of research will lead to
further answers. 

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