Job was a great man he had ten kids seven sons and three daughters, and a wife and, a lot of cattle, and land.He was moral and a follower and believer in God. Satan was looking for a believer in God to test the loyalty to God .God told Satan to consider Job who was most a moral man. God said that he could but that he could not physically harm Job so Satan attacked and these things happened : Jobs workers were killed, fire from heaven killed his sheep and shepherds, and his camels were slain and the herdsmen as well, and to top it off a mighty wind destroyed the house and killed Jobs children.All this suffering was a test to see if Job would sin or curse God. Job did not curse God,but it made him very sad. Satan had not made Job curse God so Satan asked if he could now affect Jobs body. God told Satan he could but not kill Job. So, Satan gave Job boils which were so bad he had to scrape them off his body and to make matters worse his wife asks him why he did not just curse God and die.Job  now ripped his clothes and shaved his head sitting in a heap of ashes. Three of his friend came to console him, but they ended up asking what sin deserves the suffering he is bearing.God  comes to Job in a storm and questions him about what he knows, which shows how much man does not understand. Before we question God we should be ready to answer for ourselves. God asks “where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation”( Job 38:4)?God shows to Job how small he is and says many things Job can”t or understand. God blessed Job and then “he had 14,000 sheep and 6,000 camels and 1,000 yoke of oxen and 1,000 female donkeys”.( Job 42:12)Job also had ten  more children and again had seven sons and three daughters.This is the life of Job , now the importance of it will be told. The book of Job contains what is called a theodicy,the book of Job has many a theodicy is an reason for why God does what he does ,and why he lets evil things happen the term was coined by Liebinz in his book Theodicy: Essays on the Goodness of God, the Freedom of Man and the Origin of Evil published in 1710. one example is when Job”s friend Eliphaz asks “Who that was innocent ever perished?” ( Job 4:7),and this is saying everyone his sinned at some point Eliphaz then goes on to say Job most have done a great sin for all the punishments he suffering.Job was not a sinner as the Bible says he was blameless , but he was born into sin so he would be, and this is what Eliphaz seems to be talking about:but Eliphaz did not really know he was just assuming that bad things happen to bad people and good to good, however Jobs view would say something like bad thing and good can happen to anyone and evil deeds and good can play a role in what happens.Job has a second friend  named is Bildad he adds to what Eliphaz said by saying Jobs family or ancestors may have send and he is being punished for what they did, and this is pretty likely not knowing what  was was really happening this could make sence and give Job a reason because God had done this before curse Ham”s children to be slaves.The last friend if we can call them friends is Zophar, Zophar says if God is all good then he would punish sinners and bless good doing.All of these fall under the category of augustinian theodicy the name was made by John Hick in his book Evil and the God of Love which says the theodicy is that Adam and Eve sinned and we are their kids so therefore we are all sinners. This concludes the importance of Job and his life. 

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