Of Mice And Men Essay – How Different Events in the Novel Prepare you for the Ending. Setting The setting that is described at the beginning of Chapter 6 is more or less the same as the description at the beginning of Chapter 1. For Example: Chapter 1 – “The Salinas river … runs deep and green” Chapter 6 – “The deep green pool of the Salinas River” These quotes are nearly the same apart from that they are worded differently. However, chapter 6 is set later in the day (not the same day). So, technically, the characters go nowhere. As soon as Lennie and George appear in the setting in chapter 1, the environment is disturbed.

Therefore this makes you think that wherever George and Lennie go, they are going to disturb the environment / atmosphere. Foreshadowing I am going to be looking at how past-events prepare you for the ending of the novel. In the beginning of the novel, as we know, Lennie kills a mouse. At this time, I didn’t think anything of this. But then, in chapter 5, Lennie kills a puppy. I don’t think this may have been accidental. So, we know its only a matter of time until he kills a human. Whit, is like the grim reaper. I don’t know where it is by coincidence but he arrives when something/someone dies.

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Therefore, when he arrives to second time, we can the guess that Lennie will die. Lennie symbolises Candy’s dog, because Lennie is useless and no good to anyone. This is almost on the same as candy’s dog. And as candy’s dog gets shot, we know that either George or someone else is going to kill Lennie. Progressively through the novel, we get more and more reminded of the fact that Lennie is sentimental, he likes touching soft things. But one problem with this is that Lennie can’t control his strength. A mix of a big strong man, a mental disability, and an inability to control his own strength is a deadly mix.

This is also bad because Curly his wife he’s going to lead him on. She has soft hair so consequently, he is going to want to feel her hair. If George isn’t around to tell him to let go, or defend himself, then he is just going to keep hold of her hair and not let go. This, I think is what happened in weed. Therefore, Curly’s wife, life is literally in their hands of Lennie. But in weed, he didn’t kill the woman this may have been done so it makes it not or not much as bad as killing the mouse. Therefore building all in a steady slant of his (maybe accidental) victims. Characterisation.

In this paragraph I am going to be talking about how the characters prepare you for the ending of the novel. Obviously, the actions of Lennie are extremely important in the work up to the ending. For example, first he kills a mouse. This is murder, but not on a very large-scale, but this starts off a dangerous cycle. In Chapter five, he murders (maybe accidental) something bigger, a puppy. This is socially unacceptable. But, the next victim of Lennie his killer grasp is Curly’s wife. Although, I think she leads him on because she says “Feel right around it there and to see how soft it is”

She obviously wants him to touch/stroke her hair and coincidentally, Lennie likes touching soft things so he jumps at first opportunity of touching and stroking her hair. But like in weed, Lennie gets carried away and wont let go. She starts screaming so he grabs her head and shakes her around. This breaks her neck. Someone who has just committed murder or manslaughter should be brought to justice and in this case, the ‘mob’ decide that he should be dead. In the beginning, George is with Lennie all their time but midway through the novel he begins to socialise with others.

So in other words, they drift further and further apart from each other. This gives you the impression that George and Lennie will not be together in the end. Therefore one must die or go off on his own to somewhere else. From the beginning you are aware that the relationship between George and Lennie must changed because presently, George is dissatisfied with the relationship but also Lennie cannot survive in this world. Lennie is unable to control its own bodily actions without George being around. A good example of this is the event when George tells Lennie to ‘Get ‘im! ‘.

This shows that Lennie needs George to survive and if their relationship needs to change then Lennie must be killed otherwise change is impossible. Curly doesn’t seem to be like big people. Because Lennie is new on the ranch and is also tall, Curly decides to a bully him. This shows that he doesn’t fit in straight away. Curly has a it relationship with the Lennie but not like candy has with his dog, their relationship is tense. On Page 66 Curly says “come on, you big bastard”. Saying this proves that he obviously wants to harm Lennie. Therefore he wants Lennie injured or at most, dead a.

This prepares you for the ending because as soon as Lennie let go of his hand, all the ranch workers know they are not going to be able to keep Lennie’s anger and strength in. Candy’s dog symbolises Lennie. This is because the dog is useless, no good and totally reliant on candy. Equally, Lennie is no good, useless and totally reliant on George. The stage when candy’s dog gets shot, prepares tells you that Lennie is going to be shot in maybe the same way. Narrative Style At the start of the chapter, the description of the surroundings is made up of a lot of ands.

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