During the 1930s woman were in great depression due to them being controlled by their husbands or another man. The females in 1930 first lived with their family then married living with her husband. Women had no right to share their opinion on what’s right just to listen to the man of the family. The females in 1930s job were to cook clean and love the husband; they didn’t work or live a dream. In the 1930s many people wanted to live the American dream but this had been spoilt for nearly all female and some male because of poverty, but it also was mainly ruined for females because back then men rule and thought they were always right.

In modern day everyone is treated equally by the government but some women are still being treated by their husband like how it back in the 1930s. On the ranch there is a woman referred to as ‘Curley’s Wife’ throughout the book she is portrayed in a negative way. She lived in a society where woman had no rights. Her identity could show that she is not treated as a person but rather a possession of her husband’s which is very sexist. Steinbeck created a character which represents the women from 1930s.

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The word sexist is not just discriminating a female but is when someone who is discriminating the role a person does. In the novella Steinbeck chose not to name her because he used her name as a symbol of how woman were treated in 1930’s by just a man’s wife. As the character develops in the book she is not just an unimportant wife but she is an extremely complex and interesting character. Curley’s wife is always following Curley and listening to him because he has control of her just like a dog also during that time woman had no voice, no choice and had very little respect and had to do what their husbands said.

When Curley’s wife was first introduced to us by Candy when talking to George about her she was described as a troublesome girl who is looking for any way to stir up mischief but also as a kind of slave to Curley as she is obedient and always does what she is told. He uses expressions such as ‘she got the eye’ and goes on to describe her as looking at other men, before eventually calling her a ‘tart’. Through Candy’s words we develop an idea of what kind of person she is.

The word ‘tart’ suggests that she shows herself in a manner that is not acceptable which tells us that she is very desperate to be notice although she has a husband. When Curley’s wife first appears in the novel Steinbeck describes her physical appearance by saying she has ‘full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made- up’, as well as ‘fingernail painted red’ and elaborate hair. The colour red is symbolising that she is a sign of evil as well as sexual look. She dresses like a modern 1930s woman.

Steinbeck writes about her body language explaining to us what she does when she visited the boys on the ranch. Steinbeck wrote that she ‘she put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forward’ in my opinion this is suggesting that she is a flirtatious character and likes to throw herself on the guys on the ranch and her sexuality is her only weapon to gain attention. Her appearance and actions seems to make Candy’s description right about her after her appearing in the novella.

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