Jaxom stood upon the pinnacle of mount Imrik as the sun rose. Its golden splendour washed over the lands of Pern, the view lifted yet saddened him at the same time, all he could see now stood in the balance. He turned his gaze west and to the cause of his sadness. Darkness was consuming the land, it was a darkness he knew all too well. It spread like a cancer, and had been spreading across the known world. Today the fate of the world and his home was at stake. A horn called from below the misty peak, Jaxom climbed onto Draak’s back, the mighty beasts muscles flexed and it dived from the summit.

The ground rushed towards them, at the last moment Draak extended his wings, using the speed gathered from the spectacular dive to catapult him through the blackening clouds. The ice-cold wind whipped at Jaxom’s hair, which flowed out in a contorting golden wave behind him. Through gaps in the clouds beneath, he could see the movement of the armies below, tiny figures arrayed on the blighted earth, obscured slightly by the rain that had just started to lash the plains below him. The shinning ranks of his comrades could be seen, their bright armour contrasting with the dark landscape.

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Moving against them were the black armoured forms of the hated Pravus the plague of the world and the dark kin of the Elves. Jaxom thought that from his vantage point they looked like a vicious horde of scuttling insects, crawling menacingly over the ground. A deep rumbling sounded from within the chest of Jaxom’s proud mount, the ancient grey tinged dragon Draak. The dragon rider, soul bonded to the mighty creature, instantly felt Draak’s wariness, his sharp eyes gazing over the clouds that billowed around him.

Spying a dark shape through the gloom. Jaxom narrowed his eyes, his teeth clenching. With a soft, almost inaudible whisper, Jaxom directed the dragon upwards. Beating his mighty wings, the dragon soared higher into the air, entering another layer of damp cloud. Passing through the cold blackness, dragon and rider came out suddenly into bright sunshine. The pair rose straight into the air, flying towards the sun. The world had been a place of beauty and peace, ruled over by the fair and noble king Caledor.

Everyone loved and respected the great king, all that is except one, Cassius his own brother. Cassius was the younger of the two and so it was Caledor who became king when their farther had died. Cassius gradually grew to be envious of his brother who was loved by all, while he was forgotten. The dark powers knew this and fed his mind with dark thoughts and ideas of power, slowly Cassius’s envy became hate. Eventually Cassius was no more, he had been totally consumed by hatred. He left the land of Pern, telling his brother that he was going to explore distant lands.

Years past and nothing was heard from Cassius, then seven years after he had left Caledor received a message from his brother inviting him to a feast in his honour, Caledor was overjoyed, believing that after all these years his brother had died. He couldn’t of been further from the truth. Cassius had been amassing a great army, and on the night of the feast he sacrificed his brother to the dark Gods. Since that night Cassius and his followers have been known as the Pravus, the elfish word for evil. In the confusion that followed Cassius’s armies quickly conquered the countries to the far West of Pern.

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