;Hi, boys and girls! Welcome to Jungle Jim;s!; If you hear these words, it means that you are at the most unusual market in Cincinnati.
It is far into the coldest season in the city, but despite that, here is a place where you can find tropical animals under an open sky. A twelve-foot giraffe and ahuge elephant bathing in cane bushes came here to get some water from the lake. Screaming monkeys hang on a rocky wall; birds and snakes will certainly catch your attention at once. A little equatorial toy-zoo by the entrance of the market makes shopping delightful, even for small children.
The attractions don;t end here.To be absolutely honest with you ; on myfirst visit to the store, I spent half of my time wandering around those huge toys like a five-year old child. As you go farther into the store, you will bump into a 10-foot dog that is dressed up just like Elvis. He is getting ready to perform his next song.
As you walk into the store thefirst thing you will be astonished by is this huge collection of wines. The store collection has over 8, 000 kinds of wines. You will find all different kinds of it: red and white, desert and table – wines from all over the world. The variety of this collection will surprise you.
If you are looking for something specific, you might need to get some assistance. Very nice and friendly consultants will help you find anything you need. And I would strongly recommend you get some service, because otherwise you will just get lost in this endless wine library. In case you are a really big wine lover, you might be interested in a wine-tasting session. Nothing can be more eloquent than a sip of good wine. It will tell you much more than any orator in the whole world.
When I tried to browse Jungle Jim;s list of rare wines on the Internet, I got this warning on my screen: ;This is a very big page, it will take awhile to load;. I bet it

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