The Holy See juggles with its policies of what a "just war" consist of in this article. St. Augustine states that a just war consists of just cause, legitimate authority, and right intention. The Holy See adds to the saints list with last resort in an attempt to curb preemptive military strike or war. Just war theorists back up the United States preemptive war on grounds that Saddam would use weapons of mass destruction against us if he had the chance. Pope John Paul II says that war is not a good means of settling conflicts and that there are other ways other than a preemptive strike. The Holy See speaks on the matter that the United States' war on Iraq was not a last resort but an act on the presumption that Saddam was making weapons to attack the US or assisting terrorists.
I think that the Holy See's policy on the war on Iraq has good backing and shows the behind the scenes conflicts that riddle the president every day. I believe that the war on Iraq was a preemptive strike but needed to be done. It seems the US tends to be the world police by assisting countries with corrupt government and keeping dictators in check. I believe this is a bad position but one the US is stuck with.The Holy See seems to merge with most of Europe on global positions so their take on the war in Iraq doesn't seem too peculiar. The approval of the Holy See doesn't seem to bother the president at all and comes across as a one man job for the ambassador to the Holy See.

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