Juvenile delinquency is the important problem in
this country. This problem is not only happening in a small area but also
happen in the big cities and the small cities. 
Actually, every country in the world faces this problem. We face the
serious problem. We cannot ignore it because the juvenile delinquency is not
the common problem. We sometimes see the fighting of some schools that involved
the young people. In addition, there are some delinquencies, such as free sex,
abortion, theft, etc. It needs an effort to prevent and overcome this problem
wisely and with responsibility. We need to help them to face the problems that
come in young people’s life. To help the young people for solving their
problem, we should try to know their life. It will be more effective and able
to reach the target. We should try to know the development in their life. The
youth people actually exist in a transition period and period of looking for
self-identity. They try to find their identity through their association, their
community, and their environment. They are in development scale to the mature.
On another word, in adolescence, the people will suffer from their emotion. To
solve this problem, there are three aspects that we should pay attention, such
as the role of family, the role of school, and the role of the society.

A family is the smallest unit in the community but
occupied the primer and fundamental function of life. The main problem of
family that can affect the juvenile delinquency is the broken-home family, the
wrong education, and the rejected children. The parents should have a good
relationship and make sure among them they have communication. Try not to fight
each other, and try to keep the condition well. The parents should not spoil
their children. The children who are spoiled by their parents will be
underdone, have less initiative, lazy to care with their self-necessity and
always depend on others. A family is a place to make the self-personality. A family
should be the first development place for children since they were born. The
children need affection from their parents. A family is needed by the children
to give a support, learn everything, and appreciate the humanist value, ethics,
and the value of religion. Therefore family should be the believable function
to share the burden of a problem each other, discuss the main problems, ripen
the emotional terms, and get the spiritual support and something else.

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School is the place which is for developing the
student in an education system, in order to make their intellectual and
personality work well. The teacher should have a brilliant way of teaching to
make the student enthusiastic about learning. As we know, the supporting
factors that affect the boring feeling are the unprepared learning method, so
that the learning is not interesting. If the student interested in learning,
they will get the knowledge, and they will be active and have critical
thinking. They will not think about unimportant activity and just thinking
about what they have to do in the right way. The school should have a high
quality of rule and make a good cooperation with the children’s parents, in
order to monitor the children development. Moreover, it is not only about the
role of teacher, but also their friend. The presence of their friend and the
involvement in the community brings certain effect, whether it is positive or
negative. The juvenile delinquency is affected by the persuasion of their
friend. To prevent this problem, the children should choose a friend with a
good personality. Try to choose a friend with a good attitude and make sure
they can keep our self, not to plunge us to a negative way. In addition, we
should try to say no if they try to persuade us for doing something wrong.

The social community has an important role to
overcome the juvenile delinquency problem. The juvenile delinquency problem can
be caused by the poverty of their family or the social gap. It will force the
people specifically young people to do the delinquency. To overcome this
problem, the society can give an advice directly to the concerned children, in
order to make them leave their activity which is not appropriate with the rule,
such as a legal norm, social, moral, and the religion. Therefore, they should
try to tell that problem to the children’s parents and try to find a way to
resuscitate their children. Afterward, the last step is the society must be
brave to report this problem to the authorized official so that they can do the
preventive steps completely. The fostering of the youth people aims to make
them become a member of society with the reasonable role and obey the rules
that nurture in the society. The effort to reach this condition is through
giving an ethical education material and the religion moral conception.

After we know this real problem, we can see some
ways to solve this problem, like the role of family, school, and the society.
The juvenile delinquency is our responsibility. If their delinquency becomes a routine
activity, it will make the children have low morality and they will be isolated
from the society. We are as a young generation should strengthen our belief because
it is the fundamental factor in our life. It is just our self which can control
the situation. We should have a strong decision and do not follow the others’
desire, but follow our heart. So, the juvenile delinquency can be solved by the
awareness of our self.

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