“Kayce O’Field, the
future owner of the most delicious restaurant in town, is currently a sophomore
at Oklahoma State University. Majoring in Hospitality and Tourism, O’Field (20) is gaining incredible knowledge
from the professors and staff at OSU. The amount of support from her family,
friends, and OSU staff is overwhelming. She plans on using the wisdom gained
from her time here at OSU to create a concept that includes opening a
restaurant in her hometown of Tahlequah, OK that serves traditional Cherokee
food. She grew up in a home that is culturally involved. She learns traditional
recipes by watching her mother and grandmother cook. Learns the ways of
traditional games from her father. And learns the language from her grandmother
as well as from the Cherokee Nation Immersion program at a young age. This
young lady is going places, and we hope to visit her thriving restaurant in the
near future.”

-Excerpt from “Rising
Restaurateurs of the World”

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            My name is Kayce O’Field; I am twenty years young and a
sophomore at Oklahoma State University. I grew up in an average sized town, Tahlequah,
OK. I attended Sequoyah High School before spreading my wings further into the
world of attending college. After coming to OSU, I have realized that the
program I am in is setting me up for major success in my future endeavors of
becoming a restaurateur.

            I am applying for this scholarship due
to the need for financial assistance for furthering my education and ultimately
helping me achieve my career and dream goal of owning my own restaurant. Receiving
funding from the Oklahoma Restaurant Committee would be an absolute honor. I
would not take this opportunity for granted.

             I feel deserving of this award because of
three things. I am hard working, I have a good attitude, and I don’t give up. I believe that those three things
are great characteristics of a successful restaurant owner. I have heard from
multiple sources that owning a restaurant is incredibly difficult. But with the
support from associations like the Oklahoma Restaurant Association, I am
confident that I can do it.

            As stated before, my ultimate career
goal is to own a Native American based restaurant. Although I plan to achieve
this goal, I do not expect it to happen as soon as I graduate from OSU. Upon
graduating, I plan to work in many different hospitality businesses, mostly
restaurants, to observe managerial styles and understand what works best to
fully operate a successful restaurant. 
After working years in various positions for these businesses, I will
eventually start the process of building my business concept. I understand that
my restaurant won’t be open for a few years, but
there are things that I can start working on now to really get the ball
rolling. I intend to create my menu and start writing my business plan now, so
that way I can have a foundation for my business at this moment.

I know that I can achieve my dream of owning a restaurant.

I love working with people and serving others and I truly feel like I am
exactly where I am supposed to be at  OSU in the HTM program. I am very
passionate about my culture and I hope to make my tribe proud of my future
Native American based restaurant. I am extremely thankful for all of the
encouragement from my family and friends, and to the OSU HTM professors and
staff who encourage students, such as myself, to take as many opportunities
available and to apply for prestigious scholarships like the Oklahoma
Restaurant Association 

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