ii. The tribal population of India is well-versed with the herbal and medicinal value of the plants and herbs in Indian forests. They use these medicinal plants to cure a number of diseases. With industrialization, a number of pharmaceutical firms are looking to gather this traditional knowledge. Such extensive cutting of the flora is harming the natural environment.

iii. The tribals hunt wild animals for food. They also use animals for self-protection as well as for other economic activities. With disappearing forests, tribes are at a look for this important activity of theirs.

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iv Tribes use forest produce to undertake their important religious rituals. Again, with the depletion of forests, it is becoming difficult for them to maintain this important ritual in their life.

v. Most tribes worship nature and they are very close to nature’s functions. Therefore, they do not cause much harm to nature.

vi. Tribes retain traditional methods of living. Due to this, they are in harmony with the environment and depend heavily on it for sustenance. If we continue causing harm to the environment with modern practices, it will cause trouble for tribes.

vii. Tribes depend on nature for habitat. With population explosion, we are capturing forest lands for our benefits. This is a serious threat for the existence of the tribes.

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