As many of you already heard of his name, he is one of the most famous fiction writers in Korea. If one reads his book, he is quickly lured into the book and become a fan of of him. Then, what is this magical power that makes everyone to like him? Today, in this presention, I am going to go over what is known about him his works.
He was born 1957 in Busan, grew up and graduated in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(which is CN±??U±??i‘ëC?±?). He liked historical and philosophical books so much that even when he was in High School years, the time most of Korean scholars study hard to get into good universities, he read such books and had lectures on his fellow classmates. His this characteristic did not go away when he was in university, and he always read all kinds of books instead of studying for his examination. Anyway after his graduation, his family wasn’t in such a good condition. His older brother was tortured very hard for participating in ;;AOC?Ai in his millitary years, which resulted him become a mentally disabilitated person and die few years after. His father was shocked from the death of his older son and died of alcohol. To save his family, Kim-Jin Myung started a business, but failed to acheive success. But because of his business experience, he was able to take a look at outside of Korea and was impress by the well organized social systems. So he made his decision to inherit his brother’s intention of work for advancement of Korean society. From that time on, he started writing novels and few years later, he wrote one of the most loved book in Korea, entitled ?&laquo±AE­?EAI CC?u?A‘I‘U. Even after this book, he continued writing such book and he is still loved very much by Korean readers.
So now let’s look why his books are wanted to much.
He published many books and still in process of writing and publishing them.

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