Kurta Pajama sets are the typical outfit preferred
by men for religious and festive functions. Generally they prefer plain silk or
khadi kurta with white or beige pajama. Of late, kotis have set it to wear
along with the kurta and pajama. This koti has added up the sophisticated look
of the kurta and pajama. Trendsetters come out with a combination of different material,
designs, patterns of kotis.

A few designs, patterns and combinations are given
below to help you select the right one for yourself.

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1.         Peach Anarkali Kurta with Black
Embroidered Koti

This is a striking combination  – a peach anarkali Kurta with a long black
embroidered koti. The Koti is beautifully hand embroidered with golden thread. It
has a round neck that curves into a square one as it reaches the placket. The placket
is buttoned half way down with lovely big round golden buttons.

2.         Green And Purple With Multicolored Koti

This Kurta –
pajama with koti is a beautiful one and a wonderful daily college –wear attire.
It gives a cute and chirpy look to the wearer. The kurta is green with 3/4th
sleeves and A-line silhouette. The neck is simple and round. The hemline is
bordered with a double satin ribbon border and the sleeves one satin ribbon
border. The koti is short and is ornamented with embroidery using multi-colored
silk thread.

3.         Dark Blue Kurti with Banglori Koti

Here is an exquisite long kurti of georgette material
of dark blue color and has a pretty broad golden colored lace bordering the
hemline. The koti is a golden colored, banglori style and open with a high neck.
Wonderful hand embroidered floral designs of blue color and golden leaves
beautify the koti. The koti has long sleeves with dark blue piping at the ends.
Wear it and your look shall be the most captivating in the crowd.

4.         Blue Silk Kurta & Pajama with Printed

This is an exquisite kurta with koti design for men. The Kurta and pajama are made of
dupion silk tailored with a Punjabi touch. The kurta is long sleeved with the
jacket material sewn at the cuffs. The kurta is beautifully styled with a
Nehru-collar and a lovely pocket with the blue dupion silk kerchief for show. It
can be accompanied by lovely mojaris to give a royal look.    

5.         Grey Blue Koti Style Kurta

A wonderful and graceful grey long kurta with a
blue koti is surely the perfect one to wear for parties. This dress has a captivating
look due to the lovely embroidery work on the suit. The koti is embellished
with embroidery thread booti work. The entire set is made of materials like –
for the top is the faux georgette fabric, for the inner and bottom the santoon
material is used and dupatta is of nazmin fabric.   

6.         Golden Kurta with Blue Koti

This is a breathtaking kurta, pajama with koti for
men. The golden colored kurti with pajama is covered with a beautiful blue koti
with golden print. The material used is silk and it can be only dry cleaned. This
looks like a perfect outfit to wear for ceremonies like sangeet.

7.         Cream Silk Kurta Pajama and Koti for
Wedding Cream Designer Curtain

This is an utterly magical silk kurta and pajama with koti for men. The
koti is of printed cream colored hue silk. It is sleeveless with a Chinese collar.
The placket is fully buttoned. A simple yet wonderful set that is glamorous for
weddings. the pajama is Patiala styled to give it a rich look. You can wear
brown colored plain mojaris or leather cut shoes for the perfect look.

8.         Mustard Kurta Set With Koti And Drape

Here’s a fantabulous designer Mustard colored
kurta set with a printed koti and a drape. The kurta is of crushed chanderi
material with a high collar and front buttons. It is paired with ivory colored
pajamas that are slim fit. The koti is of raw silk and has floral foil print. The
spotlight of the dress is the mustard colored drape that highlights the dress.

9.         White Kurta Pajama Set with Embroidered

Here is a white
kurta pajama with Koti. The white on white shows that you are a peace-loving
person. The koti is hip-length with intricate embroidery work. It has a Nehru collar
and is sleeveless. The koti has only one button fastening and opens in an
upside-down V shape. For a complete look wear mojaris. The koti unveils a
modish style.   

10.        Pink Kurta Pajama with Blue Koti

A subtle looking Pink Kurta and Pajama with Blue
koti is a nice ensemble for a wedding to match the glamourous outfit of your
better-half. The blue koti has a Nehru jacket look with a pocket. The kurta is
of the wrap style for a little modern touch. Wear a simple pink pajama to match
and mojaris on your feet  to sweep your
bride off her feet.

11.        Pink Kurti Pajama Set with Grey Long

This one is a lovely pink colored Kurti with a
pajama of georgette material. It has a pretty self-colored embroidery around
the sweetheart styled neck. The kurta as well as the long koti are long
sleeved. The grey long koti is embroidered with lovely pink roses with silk
thread. The open koti is also bordered along the front as well as sleeve ends
with golden lace and pink satin ribbon lace.

12.        White Kurta Pajama with Koti

This is a totally trendy white kurta pajama with koti for men. It is a nice party wear
ensemble. The kurta and pajama are made of raw silk material. The pink koti is
of Nehru style. The vibrant pink koti has pink buttons and a square pocket. The
pajama is of Patiala style whereas the kurta has long sleeves which can be
pushed to the elbows giving a macho look.

13.        Double Embroidered Lace Curtain

Why should only adults try out fashion? Here is a classic
piece for your son whose outfit will make other moms feel jealous about you. A royal
blue pajama of dhoti style with a lovely border and a beige raw silk will give
a prince charming look to your son. To top it up a  blue colored koti with gold and blue zig sag
patterns adorned with golden buttons and on the feet golden colored mojaris.

14.        Black Kurta Pajama And Koti Set

A stunning black straight cut kurti of knee length
and palazzo style pajamas crafted specially for all the black lovers. The kurti
has a plain round neck with half sleeves. This outfit is coupled with a
sleeveless short koti with feathers embroidered all over with silvery golden

15.        Pink Kurta Pajama and Koti set

This is baby pink kurta, pajama and koti set which
is sure to be like by females of all ages. The kurta is plain and gown styled
with a round neck and short sleeves. However, the koti is printed with golden
colored shells and bordered with a golden colored gota with golden colored
beads. This koti adds shine to the dress. The kurta and pajama as well as the
koti can be of chiffon or silk material so that it sways as you move.


Kotis are also goes by the names like shrugs,
waistcoat or a wasket. It boosts up the dressing style. It can accompany kurta
pajama, skirt with kurta, jeans with kurta and also jeans with t-shirt. It can
be worn by both men as well as women. To be in the lime-light just try on your
favorite kurta pajama with a beautiful koti.


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