During the life of Kwame Nkrumah what did he do to change the African
Kwame Nkrumah was born in Nkroful in the southwestern part of the
British colony.Nkrumah was a great student in the local missionary schools.
While he was a teenager, he became an untrained elementary teacher in a nearby
town of Half Assini.In 1926 Nkrumah went to Achimota College in Accra, he
earned his teaching degree and went on to teach at several Catholic elementary
schools.IN 1935 he moved to the United States to attend Lincoln University in
Pennsylvania.When he graduated with a B. A. degrees in economics and
sociology.In 1942 he received a M.A. degrees in education and philosophy.In
1942 and 1943 Kwame was persuaded by the writings of German political
philosopher Karl Marx, German economist Fredrich Engels, and Russian leader
Vladimir Lenin.Kwame promoted a Pan-Africanism, it is a movement for
cooperation between all people of African origin and for the political union of an
In 1945 he went to London, to study economics and law.There he
helped organized the fifth Pan-African Congress in England.At the congress,
Kwame met many important African and African American leaders, including
future president of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, and American actor and civil rights
That same year, Kwame became vice president of the West African
Students Union.Kwame then returned to the Gold Coast in 1947 when the UGCC
(United Gold Coast Convention), asked him to serve as its secretary general.In
this position he gave speeches all over the colony to rally support for the UGCC
Kwame organized a series of colony strikes in favor of independence and
that almost brought the colony's economy to shut down,Kwame was then

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