On August 13th, 1926 near the mountainous region of Mayari, Cuba.He was born to Angel Castro with 3 brothers and 4 sisters, Fidel was the 3rd oldest.Fidel attended intermediate school in Santiago de Cuba, he then went on to law school at the University of Havana and got his law degree.A couple of years later Fidel joined the orthodox party, anti-imperialist, social-democratic party that was extremely anti batista. A short time later he gained national recognition whenhe led the attack against batista's men in moncada, but failed. He was captured and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, but was released early.
In early months of 1952, Castro ran for congress but batista organized a cout de tat, thus dissolving the election that year.It was soon after that he Fidel fled to Mexico to train his brigade to fight against batista's Army.It was during this time that the infamous Ernesto "che" Guevara joined the rebel forces.One of the unique characteristics of Fidel's army was that it allowed both men and women to fight in the same quarters.In 1956 after a couple years of training his army in Mexico he led his 80- some guerilla fighters into southeastregion of Cuba, when he arrived many people already in Cuba continued to join the revolution.Despite Fidel and his armies efforts along with the sympathy of the Cuban people, batista put down the revolution.In January, 1959 Castro led his army into the streets ofHavananah and defeated the corupt batista regime, and forces batista off the island.Soon after Fidel took control of the Cuban gov't, the U.S. support for Cuba's economy decreased due to many of Fidel's radical reforms in agriculture and economy went directly against the interest of major U.S. corporations.These reforms led to the U.S. trade embargo against cuba.Soon after many attempts on Fidels life the U.S. led invasion of

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