Have you ever wondered what ghosts are and why do they appear? In the movie, Devil's Backbone a ghost is defined as:
…An emotion, a terrible moment condemned to repeat itself over and over?An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which appears at times alive. A sentiment suspended in time… like a blurry photograph… like an insect trapped in amber.
La Llorona is an example of this. La Llorona, in Mexican folklore, is an eerie weeping woman who drifts at night looking for children. Llorona is Spanish for "weeper". There are numerous versions of the Llorona.
According to one version, around 1550 in Mexico City, Do&ntildea Luisa de Oliveros, and Indian princess, fell in love with a nobleman, Don Nu&ntildeo de Montesclaros, she bore him two children. Montesclaros promised to marry her, but instead married someone else, she went home and stabbed her children to death then wondered the streets bloody, and she was found guilty of murder then hanged. Her ghost is said to be cursed to wader the earth forever looking for her children. She has several shapes and numerous appearances. Usually she has a seductive figure and dresses in black and white. She has long black hair and long fingernails described as claws. She is faceless or has the face of a bat or a horse. In El Paso, Texas she has appeared as a faceless woman in white with shiny claws. Her ghost is usually seen by river banks, the woods and along deserted streets, especially at midnight. Sometimes she is seen during daylight. She often entices men when they are drunk and out and about lonely areas. As a phantom or a hitchhiker, she sometimes waits along lonely roads and tells motorist who pick her up her woeful fate. She is feared because she preys upon young men and kills them.
Another version of the story is similar to Luisa's story; Sophia lived in a town where if you weren't married by the age of 15 you were considered an o

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