She gives the impression she wants to harm the person that killed her father in law and husband. She goes on to say, “If ever he have child, abortive be it”. What she does not know is that later she is going to be the wife to the person that killed her father in law and husband, so actually the child that she is cursing may well be hers. Also she is hated Richard that she is giving an innocent child that has not even been born yet a curse that it should be monster like. Shakespeare has not made Lady Anne’s hatred believable because no body curses an unborn child that has no fault.

Shakespeare has also made this scene difficult because the body of Henry VI is always on the stage reminding what Richard has done. Also it is reminding that the Lancaster family is nearly destroyed. And that Richard is responsible of this. From the beginning this scene is dramatic; Lady Anne is weeping by the body of her father in law when Richard enters. With Lady Anne there are many people of which some are body guards that are there to protect her. When Richard enters he is faced with many people but still he comes and says “Villains set down the corpse, or by Saint Paul I’ll make a corpse of him that disobeys.

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” At this point he is in control of the whole situation. After Richard has said this only one of the guards has the courage to stand up to him and to tell him to let the coffin pass, “my lord, stand back and let the coffin pass”. The rest of the people that are there don’t stand up to him because they all are scared. Shakespeare has put Richard against so many people that the audience can see that he is a very powerful character and that he is in control of everything. After the guard stands up to him Richard tells him off and the rest of the people back away.

This tells us that everybody is scared of him. Also when they move away Lady Anne is left on her own making her very venerable. When Lady Anne and Richard start to talk their conversation is like a tennis match because as Richard says something Lady Anne retunes it. Richard “sweet saint, for charity, be not so curst” Lady Anne “foul devil, for god’s sake hence, and trouble us not” so at this point nobody is in control. There are three dramatic moment in this scene, before Richard gets Lady Anne to accept the ring.

One of these scenes is when Lady Anne spits at him. Normally if somebody did that he would get very angry and have the person sent to be killed or at least be put in prison. But here he does nothing and stays clam. Another very dramatic moment is when he gives Lady Anne the dagger to kill him. He knows that she is not going to do that because then she would be responsible for three deaths (as Richard portrays it). He also knows that the more harsh he is going to be on him self the more easier it is going to be for him to woo her.

The last dramatic moment is when he offers to kill himself but wants Lady Anne to tell him to kill him self. Again he know that she is not going to do it as then she would be responsible for three deaths, and he knows that she does not want that. At this point Richard is in control because he knows what Lady Anne is going to do and he takes advantage of this. In the end Lady Anne accepts the ring from Richard. This means that she has forgiven him for killing her father in law (who is still on stage) and her husband.

This also shows that Richard can have what he wants and always gets it. He did exactly what he told the audience he was going to do. I don’t think that Lady Anne accepted the ring because she wanted to. This is because nobody marries the person that killed their family. At the end of the play Shakespeare lets Richard gloat over his success. This makes us think that Richard does not really love her he just wanted a woman in his life this was the only time it could happen. After Lady Anne leaves Richard says “I’ll have her but will not keep her long”.

This makes us think that Richard just wanted every body of the country think that the Lancastrians have forgiven the York, the bit “I will not keep her long” makes us think that he will kill her after some time and get somebody else, which certainly makes us frightened for her.

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