Romeo and Juliet was written in 1595. The story was adapted by Shakespeare but it is his version that is “known to old and young the world over. ” It is a tragic story of forbidden love. The whole episode of Romeo and Juliet’s meeting, falling love, marriage, and tragic end, takes place within five days. Act 3 scene 5 is a crucial part to the play. There is a wide variety of dramatic is techniques and language used. This contributes to the amount of tension and dramatic effectiveness that is in this scene.

The relationship between Juliet and her mother is very typical of the traditional relationship between mother and daughter in Elizabethan times. They have a very inhospitable relationship meaning that they don’t act as if they are mother and daughter. They address each other in a formal way “madam” and “girl. ” This could be used as a technique to make the audience feel sorry for Juliet as her relationship isn’t how it is now in the twentieth century. Mothers are people who daughters can confide in and this is not how Juliet and Lady Capulet are.

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They are strict and decorous. This however was very characteristic of Elizabethan times. In Elizabethan times, parents rarely had a close relationship with their children; it was usually very formal and cold. The females of the family were property to their husbands or fathers. If the play was going to be performed in front of an audience in the world today, they are many ways a director could depict the characters and script. The use of language creates a dramatic effect and this then causes the audience to feel sympathy and compassion for Juliet.

The scene starts off with a soliloquy from Juliet and this represents fate because fortune is very unpredictable and Romeo is responsible and constant. However she prays that fate will still bring Romeo back to her. “If thou art fickle, what does thou with him That is renown’d for faith? Be fickle, Fortune; For then, I hope, thou wilt not keep him long, But send him back. ” The audience already knows that Romeo will be back soon as he believes Juliet is dead and this makes this part of the speech dramatically ironic.

Juliet wakes up to see the dead Romeo next to her and this is when fate occurs and she kills herself to allow her to be at peace with Romeo. However she had wished that they hadn’t been brought together this way. Lady Capulet then enters and when the audience hear the hasty voice of lady Capulet, the atmosphere that had been created earlier is interrupted and the romance that had been there is dead. Her mother then proceeds to tell her the news that she will marry Paris; “Marry, my child, early next Thursday morn The gallant, young, and noble gentleman. The county Paris, at Saint Peter’s church, Shall happily make thee there a joyful bride.

” Juliet then panics and this causes an emotional trauma when she hears the announcement that she must marry Paris. Juliet is already married to Romeo and she needs to stall for time to think of ideas. She does this by saying “I will not marry yet;” This means Paris has to woo her and win over her heart yet this is not impossible as she is already deeply in love with her husband Romeo. Lady Capulet adds tension to the scene because Juliet has no idea that her parents have come up with this proposal and Juliet has to try and hide her sorrow from her mother and hide the fact that she is married to Romeo already.

The audience then shows empathy for Juliet because her relationship with her mother is not one where she can confide in her, as it is so formal as if she is not her daughter at all, just a servant child. Lady Capulet calls Juliet a “child” and “girl” showing she has no respect for her only daughter. This is classic example of Elizabethan times and yet Lady Capulet seems far crueler than a conventional mother. When Juliet tells her mother she is still mourning for Tybalt; “But much of grief shows still some want of wit. “

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