"The Legend of 1900" is really a deep, significence movie which overwrought with personal philosophy.
Through symbols, the features of 1900's personality and the questions he faced in life.
The “Virginian” is a wonderful microcosm, a jumping off point for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. The vessel serves as a character herself, a place where both death and life abound. No gimmicks are used to make the ship into a character, but we still become attached to it and share Max’s sadness as he surveys its final rotted interior, searching for the elusive nautical semi-poltergeist.
We don’t learn much about 1900 except his relationship to the Virginia; he jealously guards his talent against challenges and even keeps his music from being heard on a recording almost like a ghost who wants to be in control of his manifestations. Maybe he’s the human child of the boat itself. On board the Virginian, anything seems possible for 1900. He has his music. He has an enthralled audience every crossing. He has friends like Max, who joins the ship’s band. What he doesn’t have is the ability to set foot on land. He is a true creature of the sea – apart, disconnected, viewing life from the safety of a piano bench or a ship’s deck. In some ways he’s as sadly isolated as Quasimodo perched among Notre Dame’s spires. That is his weak point in his temperament. Nothing can get him to leave. Not Max’s entreaties. Not a record producer’s offers of fame and fortune. Not even an enigmatic, beautiful girl who represents all the promise of the unknown. The ship begins as 1900’s floating cradle and ends, metaphorically and more, as his floating crypt.The sad truth is, instead of celebrating his genius, 1900’s life is suffused with such a sense of moping terror and sheer “smallness” that the entire story shudders just to look at him. the shy, fragile charm of 1900.
1900 becomes a figure larger than life, a musician with

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