# The Word Date Occasion/Circumstance How Latin Helped
1. Incognito 9/10 I was reading Catcher in the Rye It comes from "incognitus" meaning "not know." The character doesn't want to see anyone he knows, so he travels incognito.
2. Pulchritudinous 9/12 I was studying for the SAT I. I saw this in the analogy section. I knew that it comes from the Latin word "pulcher" meaning "beautiful."
3. Versatility 9/25 I was listening to the radio and there was a Dodge commercial on and they said "Versatility from the Latin'Versatilis' meaning turning easily." I knew that the word was related to "verto."
4. Ubiquitous 9/26 I saw it on PSAT's. I knew ubi from Latin so I knew it had to do something about a place. I looked it up and found out that it means present everywhere at once.
5. Latus Rectum 10/1 In Pre-Calculus, our teacher was reviewing parabolas and we she started talking about the latus rectum. I looked up another definition for "latus" because the definition I was thinking of did not fit. I translated it as "straight side."
6. Gubernatorial 10/2 I saw this in the newspaper. I remember seeing "gubernator" in a translation, and I remember it having to do with controlling a ship's direction. Since I saw it talking about a candidate running for governor, I translated it as having to do with leading people.
7. Impede 10/2 I saw it in our Vocabulary Energizers in English class. I already knew the Latin word it came from "impedio" meaning "hinder."
8 Expedite 10/4 I saw it in our Vocabulary Energizers in English class. I knew that I came from two words: "e" meaning "out" and "ped" meaning "foot."
9. Tenet 10/5 In a game show, there was a question that had a few words, and asked which of the words was the definit…

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