Latinos have been in American movies ever sense the beginning; from the early 1900's to the present they have influenced the film industry significantly. Latinos, especially Mexicans, have been stereotyped as the dark, dumb, violent, the "bad guy" in many films but this is not true of Mexicans, they were just portrayed in that way to lure movie watchers to see the movie.
It all started with the Mexicans being portrayed as being the "Hollywood's First Bad Boys."They where seen as the dirty grassers that were immoral, low life and did not care about anything, the girls also were seen the same.Having enough of this Latin American in 1922 boycotted any U.S. film that showed Latinos in this way.Seeing the great economic impact of this President Woodrow Wilson said, "Please be a little kinder to the Mexicans."
The starting of the Latin Lover craze started with Antonio Moreno.He created the idea of the Hispanic man being sensuous and romantic, but has evolved over the years.Dolores Del Rio reshaped Laminas, before seen as loose, and now as refined woman that reached great popularity, like Margarita Cansino (Rita Hayworth).Now that the talking movies start coming out during this time Latino American men with accents where soon starting to become a problem for them, while as women with accents were considered to be a good thing.
To satisfy the Latin-American community and markets the producers began filming Spanish versions of movies after hours.One of the movies was "Dracula" that stared Lupita Tovar.She says that during filming of the Spanish version they shot far less takes and took less time than the American version; some even say that the Spanish "Dracula" was for more superior than the English one.
During the Great Depression, in the 1930s', let to the deportation of many Mexicans out of the U.S., this included many Mexican actors and actresse…

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