Thefirst inhabitants to occupy the Americas were Europeans who came from Spain and England.Theses settlers had the greatest deal of diversity that was spread through cultures and over the land. Each in it self created its' own powerful empire and ruled and governed its people. These two groups also fought for what they thought was right in their independence that redid their political systems. The large and sometimes unruly groups spread across the country forming small towns and sometimes much larger cities in and around where everyone migrated. What many scholars though to believe at the time was a native population of close to 110 million people, (Gonzalez P.4). The Spaniards and English with both awestruck and the inhabitants that currently resided in the America's, many tried to build their cities in much the same format as these groups.But, with the new comers to the America's so did disease, and sickness, and the onslaught of new religions and customs on the current inhabitants. The church also played a key role in this. It tried to spread the word, and convert as many of the natives to their form of Catholicism. The natives were spread throughout the land, and the new arrivals were migrating into their territory. Seeing as how the natives were scared of these new people, many were forced into slavery due to the face that they new immigrants saw them as a lower class.
On the other side of the boarder, in Latin America, things where happening at a different pace. Annexation of the Spanish-speaking borderlands evolved in three distinct phases: Florida and the Southeast by the 1820's; Texas, California, and the Southwest by 1855; and finally Central America and the Caribbean during the second half of 1898 (Gonzalez P. 28). Even those much of this land was already inhabited by local tribes like the Aztec, Mayas, and Incas. Even though these civilizations lived by their own rule and authority, as s

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