Law comprises of standards enforceable in the court or by other government offices (Yates, 2016, p. 2). It is the arrangement of principles or rules which a specific nation or group perceives as managing the activities of its individuals and which it might implement by the imposition of penalties. Morality refers to an arrangement of profoundly held, broadly shared, and moderately stable values within a person. Ethics are somewhat similar to morality. Ethics alludes to moral rules that represent a man’s conduct or the leading of an action. Law and morality should not be confounded.As per my opinion, legal principles may express some ethical substance; however, nobody ought to accept that since they are complying with the law, they are acting morally. Ethics has turned into a fundamental part of any business instruction. According to me, the law does not characterize moral conduct. A suitable arrangement of law incorporates various moral principles, though the law can deviate from what is ethical. I think that the law can turn out to be morally corrupt, be a component of power alone and intended to serve the interests of limited groups or communities. I believe that to determine what is ethical behavior and what is not, it is paramount to check whether the act increases the satisfaction or declines the misery of the highest number of individuals over the extended period. If it does so, then it is ethical. As stated in the textbook, “the huge bonuses executives of U.S. financial institutions took for themselves after the government bailout in 2008 may well be morally reprehensible, but it is doubtful that any law was broken” (Yates, 2016, p. 3). Here we can see that by being unethical the company is not acting illegally. This example depicts that it does not matter whether the law is broken or not, the act should take care of the well-being of the society to be ethical. One of my instructors gave me an example of Nike which is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear in the world. Nike produces a vast part of its products in South East Asia. Apart from the profits of the Nike association, its labors are paid low wages (as compared with North American labors) and work long periods of time in severe conditions. Though the company is meeting with the minimum wage standard of the host country, it is still unethical for most of the people living in North America.In a nutshell, ethics and law are firmly related since law speaks to least ethical practices of people, though they are different from numerous aspects. Ethics give people instructions on how they should act with a specific end goal to make a tranquil community, yet law helps out confinements through punishments or penalties. Sometimes, ethics and law don’t essentially have any overlap, yet these two characterize how individuals ought to act or behave in the society.

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