One of the leading causes of death in rural India is oral cancer and tobacco related cancers. India has one of the highest rates of oral cancer in the world. Tobacco-related cancers account for about 50 per cent of all cancers among men and 25 per cent among women. Oral cancer accounts for one-third of the total cancer cases, with 90 per cent of the patients being tobacco-chewers. Clinical observations in some regions reveal that over 60 per cent of heart disease patients under 40 years of age are tobacco users and over 50 per cent of cancer patients aged 41–60 years are smokers.
The three leading cause of death internationally are HIV, TB and Malaria. But these three are very prevalent in India it is said that the biggest HIV epidemic outside of Sub Saharan Africa is developing in India and the subcontinent.
It was said in an Indian newspaper that violence claims a life per minute. This is mainly due to communal violence, which is very likely to erupt as India is such a diverse country with so many different religions sharing the same land.
Though it may not be a leading cause of death but it is a pressing issue in India especially for the youth. In India in 10 and 12 grade there are very tough external examinations, and when the results come out, it is routine reading about a student who hung himself to death because he didn't pass his exams, in the newspaper.Every year about a 100 students kill themselves because the pressure of the exams.

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