(c) Grant a temporary injunction and in case of disobedience commit the person guilty thereof to the civil prison and order that his property be attached and sold;

(d) Appoint a receiver of any property and enforce the performance of his duties by attaching and selling his property;

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(e) Make such other interlocutory orders as may appear to the court to be just and convenient.

Proceedings for appointment of a receiver are supplemental and interlocutory in nature and a suit only for the appointment of a receiver would not be maintainable.

Temporary injunction pending application to sue in forma pauperis:

An order for a temporary injunction cannot be made in the course of proceedings relating to an application for permission to sue in forma pauperis which has not yet been registered as a suit. The order for temporary injunction is possible if there is a suit and till permission is granted to sue as an indigent person, it cannot be said that there is a suit pending between the parties.

Injunction against court:

A court cannot issue an injunction against another court which is not subordinate to it. Hence one court cannot order stay of execution proceedings in another court. Such an order cannot be passed under the inherent powers.

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