Let’s Quit

It is better to be late than sorry! Eh?  Al hale to the decision of quitting smoking.
But, wait are you scared of the whole process? And do you think it’s going to
be nearly impossible? Is it due to the fact that you tried quitting twice, but
no success? Well, not anymore! There’s nothing in the world without solution
unless you have an attitude to fix it.

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1. Get your butt

Our mind is such a system that if it’s kept busy you might
never indulge in the things which aren’t healthy for you, and it would be a
cherry on top if this includes physical activity. Starting a work regime helps
you to quit smoking. As our attention gets diverted it is less likely that you
think of having a cigarette.

It is advised to start with a one and a half hour of workout
preferably with some moderate exercises like walking in fresh air as it gives
positivity overtaken by the usage of tobacco. For better results group exercises
are recommended.


2. The yummy yet healthy Carrots

Munching on fresh fruits and veggies can a better and
healthy alternative in quitting smoking says a recent study. It is our brain
which stays busy while we dig on a fruit / veggie, having carrots is one of the
best ways for doing so as it reduces the frequency of cigs one could possibly
have in a day. While you eat a bowl, your mind stays busy allowing you to forget
about the damn cigarette also getting beta carotene and fibers in return which
prevents constipation.


 3. A Helping Hand

 Support is what you
need in such journeys. Talking to a friend about quitting smoking or even
getting sessions from a counselor can really help you in achieving the goal.
Once you hear the positive feedback and motivation given by others, the mind
automatically shifts from a NO to a YES for quitting such deadly habit. So go
and talk! You may

4 The Saving

Start saving the money you spend on cigarette every time you
crave for it. Soon you will find a the box filled with money enough for good
shopping or treating yourself with a lavish dinner or movie or it may help you
in your finances as well.







5. The Switch

Getting our facts correct, the nicotine and other deadly
compounds which get inside our body makes sure we never go away from smoking
ever. It would not be an over statement if we call vaping as a healthy
alternative of smoking and all hale to the advancement of technology which has
made it possible.  Controlling your intake
of nicotine and actually help you in quitting this habit slowly and gradually
and electronic cigarettes can help you in doing so.

According to a recent survey, out of 7,326 vapers 85% quit
smoking successfully, while 50% reported reduction in craving by 50%. This is
just because e-cigs provides you with the option of having the amount of
nicotine you require by choosing the one out of the array of e-liquids
available in the market. Thus, it can be said that you can find your
“customized e-cigs” by selecting the nicotine level.  Vaping makes it easier for you to first
control the amount of nicotine you are taking in which can be easily and
gradually control by reducing the level with the selection of a less percentage
of it every week or every month ultimately leading you to the zero nicotine level
thus helping in quitting the deadly habit forever.

So stop cigarettes and start vaping for a healthy lifestyle
and wellbeing. ! 

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