Liberalism has been a motion that has been engraved
in society today. Liberalism is defined by, being born of enlightenment era
with some precursors, which include those individuals natural right to life,
liberty, and property. The government restricted to serving individuals, which
is a basic assumption that all are individual with different notions of
equality. In Liberalism the majority rules and the minority rights social
contracts of liberalism. Brooks states, ” that liberalism failed.

The argument of liberalism is the common circumstance
of areas principles and beliefs. They are generally implanted in a local and
multinational culture, which makes enticements for government, civil society,
and the economy interrelationship throughout. Particular national collections
can profit after or be damaged by certain policies and stress administrations
rules that help create and sustain the understanding of their objectives. These
social forces, spread through national party-political organizations, describe
“government partialities” which is, the practical shared resolutions
that inspire rules across our lands. Public opinions give administrations a fundamental
stake in the universal problems that they experience.

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The interrelationship between the government, economy,
and civil society has a dialectical relationship that needs the one in order to
have the other. The relationship between social movements and liberalism tends
to work from the space of a civil society and interacts with the liberal
society at large towards whatever ends they identify. How does that work when is
it successful when is it not? This ties selfishness, by becoming largely
emphasizing too much on the individual rather than the collective. Emphasizing
individual leads to corruption and bad morals. This leads to over emphasis on
the government or economy in some ways. By this Demon meant that what is
failing in liberalism from his point of view is even if you have perfect
liberalism with equal rights it has a problem that it prioritizes the individual
over the group completely. Lack of civil society because we focus on the
individual we lack the idea of collective culture we are competing. He felt
this wasn’t the best view for the collective when it makes some more superior
to others. Liberalism is great system that everyone has equal rights and when
it doesn’t it fails. Maybe liberalism would have worked if equal rights
existed, but when we use liberalism while having slaves, no equality with women,
and many other ways that has stopped us from being truly equal.

The relationship between civil society and the
economy is embedded in our society today within areas such as, YMCA, Young men’s
Christian association, church’s, and religious organization. The relationship
between the government and civil society was created by giving popular power to
the people with voting which include major things such as, lobbying or when the
government is influenced in the ways it spends its money and the laws that help
get passed.


The Modern liberal is
more truly worried through decreasing the total economic imbalances within its
people and assisting the poor. Liberalism also develops the specific
individuals entitlements in different route. This is With the exclusion of the utilitarian’s,
liberals have continuously appealed the idea of privileges to contend
in contradiction of persecution; however in the twentieth century
liberalisms claims to justifications developed the greatest shared method
of pronouncing battles for shared justness. The ideal social
movement in this concern was the American civil rights movement of
the 1950-1960s, which developed in regulation making it illegal for most methods
performed in contradiction of the mass Black American minority at the
time, which essentially changed the feeling of race and ethnic relationships in
the USA. In the 1970s there are different problems that were occurring within a
different social movement that began because of the fight for equivalent privileges for women, gays and
lesbians, the physically or mentally disabled, and other minorities
or disadvantaged social groups that still arise with social issues today. Thus,
liberalism historically has sought to foster a plurality of different ways of
life that have changed constantly through social movements that their belief of
dissimilar lifestyle is the correct social life. Liberalism believes that by defending
the privileges and benefits of first the mid level class and faithful
minorities, then the functioning class and poor, and lastly cultural
minorities, females, gays and lesbians, and the physically or mentally
disabled. Liberalism has persuaded the fluctuating personality of Western civilization.

In many different methods as well, nevertheless its influence in this respect
has not continuously been different from the consequences of modernization, scientific
change, and increasing our natural values of living. For instance, the reduction
in most industrialized nations of long-lasting movements was enthused in portion
by the conventional liberal assertion on the individual’s decision. In comparable
manners, the liberal stress the right of having the freedom to speak,
which has directed the main route in many social movements original aspect to congregate
and speak to each other about different and the same opinions.


In my belief I feel Liberalism is a Kaizen concept
that is inevitably infinite in the sense that it is always naturally growing
and adapting by time with the help of different social movements that appeal to
those individuals that lead to a mass concern of change. I don’t completely
believe that liberalism is a failed idea or concept because in my opinion we
have just been updating this concept and possibly using different terminology
from an original concept became many other concepts with different ideals. I
believe liberalism will truly always exist in some form whether it has helped
repair or replace its definition of liberalism

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