In the summer of 2000 I took on the challenge of a mission trip to the Philippineswith Teen Missions International. This one summer shaped my views in so many ways its almost impossible to describe on one page. It was not only a challenge but an opportunity to see the world so I took it.
The goal was to lay concrete for the second floor of a Bible College by hand.
Upon arriving we quickly began work tying the rebar so that the next day we could begin the concrete. During the night we slept in tents hoping no rain or snakes would enter our new found home. The days began at6 a.m. with breakfast and devotionals then off to the work site. We hauled concrete up a series ofladders in five gallon buckets to be poured and floated on the second story of the building.We did this for eight hours with one hour for lunch of course but needless to say one day here was more than what most American teenagers do in a week labor wise.
At the end of the work day you were allowed one hour to wash your clothes and bathe yourself out of the buckets. This was followed by one hour for free time which was mainly spent talking with teammates. This one hour of freedom was like gold to all the teens which is why if you got in trouble you did not get this hour and would have to work an extra hour of the day instead.
On special occasions we were allowed to go into towns to site see and shop. The poverty levels there shocked me and really opened my eyes to third world countries. People on average barely can make five dollars for one day's work. You could not help but feel guilty when spending money with all this going on around you. Many teens decided to donate money to the people and churches rather than spend it.
Although most time was spent working we did manage to do a bit of ministry in churches, public areas, and even a military camp. Many people were converted over the course of the summer which made it a

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