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December 2017


            There are a lot of different types
of engineering: chemical, electrical, and mechanical. One of the most important
types of engineering is civil engineering. The job of a civil engineer involves
many things, including but not limited to designing, building, and maintaining
public structures such as roads, airports, and tunnels. This profession
provides much opportunity in regards to education and salary, as well as other

            First of all, the job of civil
engineering pays well, has a diverse work environment, and doesn’t require too
long of an education beyond high school. For the pay of this job, the median
salary is $83,540 annually or $40.16 hourly. This is a good salary, seeing as
it is well over the living wage and can provide well for a family on its own.  The work environment of this job can vary due
to its nature. Civil engineers typically work in offices, but may need to go to
building sites to check up on progress or problems. Sometimes, engineers ay
need to travel overseas for bigger projects. As for education, civil engineers
require at least a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field, and require
certain classes to be taken. In mathematics, aspiring engineers must attend
classes for Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Calculus
1 and 2. For sciences, it is required to take courses on Biology, Chemistry,
and Physics. Once out of college, civil engineers must be able to think of new
systems, ways to work, and use tools, as well as understand complex
mathematical analysis, calculus, and other mathematics for design and
troubleshooting. Also, engineers are required to be able to work well with and
listen to coworkers, as well as effectively present ideas and solutions to
problems. While this seems like a lot in itself, there are still more things to

            There are a variety of companies
that employ civil engineers, but a day on the job is pretty much the same for
all of them. Some companies that hire civil engineers are the United States
Army Corps of Engineering, the Jacobs Engineering Group, and the Kiewit
Corporation. There are many parts to the job of an engineer. Hours per day can
vary from 10 hours to even 2 hours. They are thankfully very flexible. The
typical outfit of an engineer is somewhat casual, requiring the type of dress
that one would wear on a ‘Casual Friday.’ Coworkers are often in their offices
or maybe in a meeting, perhaps out checking a project. Tasks on the job include
designing and analyzing plans, or smoothing out problems in a plan. The stress
level of this profession can be stressful if you really care about the job, but
no more stressful than any other job.

            In conclusion, the job of civil
engineering is very involved, but is also very beneficial. It pays well,
doesn’t require much time in education after high school, and the hours are
flexible. For a motivated person, civil engineering is the ideal job, helping
the world and humanity progress!

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