Linux- Linux is a name of a
family of free and open source software operating systems build around the
Linux kernel. It is packaged as the Linux distribution for desktop and service

Features of Linux
operating system includes:

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Portable- Portability means
that software can work off different types of hardware’s in the same way and
application programmes support the installation and on any form of hardware

Open Source- Linux source code is
freely available and is a community based development project.

Multi User- Linux is a multi user
system, this means that multiple users can access the systems resources like
memory/ram/application programmes at the same time.

Security- Linux provides user
security using authentication features like password protection/ controlled
access to specific files.

Windows- Microsoft Windows is
a graphic operating system developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft.

Features of Microsoft
Windows include:

Speed- Microsoft has
recognised the speed for improved desktop responsiveness. You can expect faster
boot time.

Multitasking- Task view allows
users to access multiple desktop screens where multiple apps are in use.

Searching and organising- Most folders in Windows have a
search box. To find a file in a folder, type a part of the file name in the
search box.

Parental controls- This gives you the
means to decide when your children use the computer and which websites they
visit, and games they play.

Default programmes- This is where you
adjust and set your default programmes, associate a file type or a protocol
with a programme and change and set auto play settings.

Mac OS- Mac OS is a series of
graphical operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001. It
is the primary operating system for Apple’s Mac family of computers.

Features of Mac OS

Siri- Siri is an
intelligent personal assistant. It is part of the Mac OS operating system.

Safari- It is a web browser
that’s been developed by Apple based on the WebKit engine. It was first
released in 2003.

Apple Pay- It is a mobile
payment and digital wallet service.

Night Shift- Night shift mode
changes colours of the screen to make them more yellow at night.

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