2. Issuing false certificates, reports and other docu­ments birth, death, sickness for leaves.

3. Conviction by Court of Law for offences involving moral factors.

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4. Selling of scheduled poisons to the public under cover of his own qualification.

5. Performing or enabling an unqualified person to perform an abortion or any illegal operation for which there is no medical, surgical or psychological indi­cation.

6. Issuing certificates of efficiency in modern medicine to unqualified or nonmedical persons.

7. Advertisement of the services or the institution run by the physician.

8. Using unusually large signboards other than name, qualifications and specialty or fixing signboards at places other than that of residence or practice.

9. Disclosing secrets of a patient.

10. Refusal on religious grounds to give assistance or conduct operations of sterility/birth control unless he is not qualified or is incompetent.

11. Performing operations without consent.

12. In case of a hospital/nursing home, the ultimate responsibility rests on him.

13. Fees should not be publicly exhibited but it can be kept in the physician’s waiting room or consulting room.

14. Will not use agents for procuring business.

15. Should not claim to be a specialist unless have special qualifications and enough experience.

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