Literature Review
In the current scenario or trend in the education sector, academics have shared
digital content (Lane & McAndrew, 2010) and in the recent time there has been
much interest in the online sharing of open educational resources (OER),for thhe
higher education, which has become an important resource for learners and
teachers (Adams, Liyanagunawardena, Rassool, & Williams, 2013)
A MOOC is an online course which brings together people from different parts of
the world and creates an interest in learning for students and an expert who seek to
facilitate the learning. Strong connection is usually provided through social
networking. Study materials and other resources are also provided through internet
access. Therefore , there is no prerequisites, fees, formal accreditation, or any
criteria for level of participation (McAuley, Stewart, Siemens, & Cormier, 2010)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is rapidly growing and changing the role
of higher education and employee development in general. They provide free or
even open access online courses that provide no constraints on class size (Sharples
et al, 2012) .
A MOOC provides different platforms and these platforms provide various online
courses and allows it’s access to everyone around the world by new learning
dyanamic stages and also gives varieties of opportunity to the student. This also
helps the students to gather and share their information and their experience too.
This also help them to increase their networking where they can join various
course activities which includes watching videos, posting blogs, and commenting
via social media platforms (Thompson, 2011).
MOOCs is such a platforms that allows thousands to enroll for courses, a very
small proportion completes these courses. The information about enrollment and
completion rates from MOOCs are very low. (Balsh, 2013).
Rivard (2013) pointed out that hundreds of thousands of people across the world
are signing up for MOOCs . Courses offered by MOOC are free. There are also no
enforced prerequisites as such . In spite of this only few students complete the
course and get a certificate.
Online learning and distance recast have been clearly an effective option to
traditional classroom learning. Online learning has mainly been the domain for
open universities. Online learning in the current form of MOOCs has been hailed
as transformative, disruption, and a game changer (Leckart, 2012)

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