Hope is something that can easily be diminished when we feel that there's nothing we can do to achieve our objective. So when we are filled with optimism there's only so much that we can accomplish until we see that there's neither hope nor a purpose. Then from there we start looking at all the negative in things and we start feeling that the battle is pointless. This is how the Palestinian children feel. They think that there's no hope in their life or future and this makes their actions reflect on what's going on around them, in their case violence. This is what is always around them, this is their reality. Their reality is defined by poverty, violence, and barbarism.
"That's how we all did it. That's the way things were done where I'm from. Everyone I knew did it. That's the way we got our money." This is what was said during a conversation I had with a friend. He is only eighteen years old and he has done and seen more than an average man.I couldn't understand what would possess him to do such heinous things until I realized that it was all he knew. He grew up in the city where selling and doing drugs was a normal occurrence. I had told him that there were other ways to make money and that he had other choices. He said, "No I don't…this is the only way, trust me. He knew that it wasn't right but he was basically forced into a situation because of what he was exposed to. He always had hope for a better future than the one that most of his friends had, but it still led him into a life of drugs and crime.
The Palestinian children are scared because of the huge amount of violence that they are exposed during the day. Most of them suffer from severe anxiety and fear. This causes the children to become depressed and worried about what the present and future holds for them. Since they are unable to attend school regularly they don't have the …

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