This article talks about love.The article describes how the feeling of loneliness can affect your insides.Sociologists did some experiments on a dog.Theyfirst pet the dog and gave him the feeling of love by petting and giving the dog attention.They made an incision and found the bone tissue to be nice and healthy.Then they told ally ignored the dog and the dog went through the stage of loneliness.They made a second incision and found the dog's tissue to be brown and yukee.Then they started petting the dog and paying it more attention.They made a third and final incision and found the dog to have a healthy bone tissue.A similar thing happens to humans instead of it hurting our bone tissue it hurts our immune systems.Studies also showed that the more socialized people are more likely to live longer than the isolated people.They also proved that love could be helpful for fighting cancer.
In the last paragraph I discussed love as an emotion and in this one I will be discussing love given physically.Sex in a loving relationship can help the body lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and relieve arthritis pain and insomnia.A solid marriage helps nourish your health.It is also researched that if you are more open it can reduce stress.
Altruism is defined as the unselfish concerns for the welfare of others.People who help others frequently have better have better health than the people that don't.Humans need to help each other.They need to help each other live a long healthy life by giving them love.

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