The task for the set coursework is to carry out an experiment to collect a series of data then to analyze and gain a conclusion with my knowledge of the physics affecting my experiment. The experiment I chose to research and carry out involves a stretch of wire, which once weights are added I will measure the distance the wire has stretched. The experiment needs to be carried out to find adequate results for a conclusion and relation to physics. The experiment itself is to be carried out in the classroom across a bench. Using simple apparatus I will be able to conduct the experiment within a couple lessons.

The copper wire, which I will be using, is fixed at one end of the table with a block of wood and clamp. The block of wood is there to suspend the wire off the table so any interference from the surface of the table does not affect my results. At the other end of the wire a pulley enables the wire to stretch without constraints such as friction. And finally at the end of the wire a slotted mass facility able for weights to be added freely. Diagram of Apparatus: The experiment I am going to conduct is very temperamental; so a couple practice experiments are needed so I can collect information, which will be most useful to my coursework.

Plan For this coursework I plan to carry out my experiment as accurately as possible so I can obtain high quality results for my conclusion. The experiment will work as follows: Using copper wire of length 3m, and diameter 0. 37mm, the wire will have weights added to it at such time intervals so the current weight has time to stretch the wire to its potential. After the time period, a weight will be added and the process will repeat. I will be reading the distance the wire has stretched by means of a ruler attached to the bench, and a selo-taped marker placed on the wire, so a consistent distance can be measured.

During the experiment I am responsible for making sure that eye protection is worn by me and others around that could be affected by the snapping of the wire. And considering that weights are being suspended from the snapping wire, a floor protection precaution needs to be considered. Results The results I will be receiving will reflect on how well I conducted the experiment, I need to make sure that when weights are added to the wire, it is done as gently as possible to avoid the wire stretching unnecessarily, which would lead to poor results.

I will be conducting three experiments using the same apparatus and measurements to avoid a large range in results between the three experiments. I will then be taking an average from which I can then work out stress and strain levels on the wire when different weights are added. The distance results I will receive will be displayed in an accumulating way, so that I can see how far the wire has stretched from beginning to end. By doing this also enables me to observe how the experiment is behaving compared to the other experiment.

From doing this I can obtain an average of the three experiments, and then work out other things from it such as Stress and strain levels. Results Mass Distance (mm) (N) Exp 1 Exp 2 Exp 3 Average Result Snapped 91 100 260 Snapped Snapped After conducting the three experiments I was able to obtain an average, as shown in the table The information I now have is very helpful, but however not substantial enough to draw a conclusion from.

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